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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: What are the dangers of starving yourself to lose weight and throwing up what little you do eat?
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What is starving yourself or eating very little?

It is a desperate weight-loss strategy, or alternatively, sometimes the unwanted result of extreme poverty or local famine.

Does starving yourself help you lose weight?

Yes, in the short term but not in the long term. Starving yourself may actually make you put weight ON. If you deprive yourself of food - that your body needs to function properly - your metabolism will suffer. Your metabolism can sometimes control your weight, so suddenly eating properly one day then starving yourself the next will confuse it, and when you decide to start eating again, you will most probably gain unwanted weight. Starving yourself does NOT work, and the best way to lose weight is to exercise, eat meals with varied food groups and eat healthily. I also know it is best to eat little but often, instead of big and rarely.

What could happen while starving yourself?

You may start seeing changes of skin color. A little bit mire tired and might pass out if starved to long.

How much weight can you lose by starving yourself for a week?

Starving yourself for a week will make you lose very little weight. Starving yourself just restricts you from getting the valuable nutrients that you need, and is not good for you at all. Do not starve yourself.

Is it more likely to get bulimia or anorexia?

bulimia because when starving yourself u occasionly get tempted for something little if not forced where as with bilimia u can can jus throw up your food

What eats little brown bats?

Their mamas if they can not find food and their starving.

How do you get to the last coin on Super Mario Brothers on world 2 level 5?

you have to shrink yourself and where the guy throwing the boomerangs you kill him and you get on the little bridge and bounce from side to side.

What is the rule for throwing bat in little league?

the batter is out

If you are starving yourself can drinking green tea increase your weight loss?

Starving yourself will result in diminished muscle mass. While you will certainly loose weight, once you start eating again, you will gain weight more rapidly than before and while eating much fewer calories. It can also create long term health problems, some that cannot be reversed. Starving yourself is not a good idea. It took you quite a bit of time to put the fat ON, the only way to loose the weight is much the same. Expect to take a little time and you'll be much more healthy.

How much weight will you loose in 4 days if you starve yourself?

You can loose weight faster by eating little amounts of food in moderation instead of starving your self. Starving yourself will cause the body to go into starvation mode and very slowly eat away at muscle not allowing you to loose weight fast just muscle. In about four days of starving yourself i would say up to about 5-6 pounds, If you eat once in the morning and once in the afternoon id say up to 8 pounds, the more smaller meals you eat through out the day the better chance you have at loosing weight

Is starving yourself good or bad and in what why are they good or bad?

Bad. By eating, yes, your body does indeed store fat, but when you don't eat, your body thinks it is in danger of starvation and when you do eat, your body holds dear to every single little piece of energy it can get a hold of. This will make you grow "larger." It will store the fat. Really, if you want to lose weight, eat and exercise. Starving yourself will make your body dysfunctional. Eat up!

If the Jews were fed in the concentration camps then why were they starving?

Because they were fed very little - and nowhere near enough. If you had to live on a concentration camp diet you, too, would be starving ...

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