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Bad. By eating, yes, your body does indeed store fat, but when you don't eat, your body thinks it is in danger of starvation and when you do eat, your body holds dear to every single little piece of energy it can get a hold of. This will make you grow "larger." It will store the fat. Really, if you want to lose weight, eat and exercise. Starving yourself will make your body dysfunctional. Eat up!

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2011-02-28 22:31:59
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Q: Is starving yourself good or bad and in what why are they good or bad?
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Is 80 pounds a good weight for a 4'11'' 14-year-old who is starving herself?

No that's not good and why are you starving yourself. That is so bad for your health. You are going to regret it when you get older. Do you want to die young?

Why isn't starving good?

Starving is not good for your body, it deprives yourself of the energy and nutrients you need to remain healthy and well.

Is starving yourself good or bad?

bad because it's bad for your body, but if your trying to lose weight then eat healthy and drink a lot of water when you exercise , also eat healty snacks

When you are starving yourself what do you eat when you get hungry?

Nothing, because you are starving yourself, if you're starving yourself your gonna get hungry. Starving yourself doesn't work because you need energy from food if you starving yourself your body works way slower burning much less fat and its very unheathy Woman lose babys over that DONT starve your self

How can you hide starving yourself?

Subtlety is key. The best way to prevent people from thinking you are starving yourself is to NOT STARVE YOURSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE.

How many pounds will you lose if you starve yourself for one week?

Starving yourself for one week is not a good way to lose weight. Starving yourself causes your body to go into starvation mode. During this time your body will store fat and you will not lose weight.

Is it good to starve yourself to lose weight?

No. Starving yourself to lose weight is not safe, nor is it effective in the long term,for weight loss.

What is unhealthy slimming?

starving yourself

Can you become bulimic from starving yourself?

Starving yourself could trigger a binge. After binging some people want to throw up. So, starving COULD be a ticket to Bulimia

What if you don't think you are fat but you are starving yourself?

Well it just means that you are not eating very bad and sugary stuff like candy.

How much weight will you loss if you starve yourself?

Starving yourself is never a good way to lose weight. It is very dangerous and can be deadly. Some people can lose considerable amounts of weight by starving, but it also really hurts the body.

Does starving yourself burn fat?


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