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Instant messaging is done with two people via a messaging service, e.g. AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, and etc...

Chatting covers chatrooms, irc, and IM's, and depending on how far you stretch the the definition it can cover regular emails and forums posts.

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Difference between instant messaging and text messaging?

Text messaging is on your ohone while instant messaging is in your computer (AIM)

What is example for instant messaging?

Chatting, texting through mobile phone or a device which applicable for instant messaging

What is the difference between a chat room and instant messaging?

Instant messaging is only between 1 person. Chat room can have more.

What is the difference between chat and instant message?

Chat is usually an open "room" where several people may talk at once in a type of community where as instant messaging is generally from individual to individual, whereas in instant messaging we communicate with person we know .

What is the difference between email and instant messaging?

Emails take several seconds to send and you have to click to view each message whereas instant messaging is instant and has one screen showing both yours and the other persons messages in one as a list.

What is difference between chatting and video conferencing?

"Chatting" is technically just a casual conversation. However, in the computer world, it typically refers to instant messaging using text alone to communicate.Video conferencing, however, uses live steams of audio and video to display the likeness of the person and play their voice through speakers.

Is gtalk like chatting on Gmail?

Yes, Gtalk or Google talk is the IM of Google. IM stands for Instant Messaging as terminology. It is a chatting system introduced by Google Developers.

What does IM mean in text messaging?

IM means instant messaging IM means instant messaging It means Instant Messaging

What is better IRC or instant messaging?

instant messaging.

What is the difference of instant messaging and text messaging?

According to Wikipedia "Text messaging, or texting, refers to the exchange of brief written messages between fixed-line phone or mobile phone and fixed or portable devices over a network." whereas "Instant messaging(IM) is a form of real-time direct text-based communication between two or more people using personal computers or other devices, along with shared clients. The user's text is conveyed over a network, such as the Internet. More advanced instant messaging software clients also allow enhanced modes of communication, such as live voice or video calling." -- The difference seems to be that the first one doesn't have to be instant. Like an email an SMS would just wait for the person I sent it to. The second one doesn't even have to be text anymore. Communicating via web cam over ICQ is instant messaging.Theoretically chatting would be both, but in practical use instant messaging is using software/internet and text messaging is using a mobilephone/SMS.

What is the function of instant messaging?

Instant messaging is used on various websites. It is a way of fast, simple communication between two or more people.

Does yahoocom have instant messaging?

yes yahoo does have instant messaging err ok

Is instant messaging the same as IP messaging?


What do you think of instant messaging?

Instant messaging is one of the best and greatest form of communicating with people.

When did instant messaging start?

Instant messaging is a type of online communication where users can send text messages to each other in real time. Instant messaging started in the 1960's.

Does the Motorola i465 support instant messaging?

Yes, the Motorola i465 supports instant messaging. All that you need is a data plan from your service provider and you can begin instant messaging your friends.

How do you Gmail chat on ipod touch?

You can chat on Gmail using the Hangouts. It is the official Instant Messaging app of Gmail. You can start chatting on that using iPod touch too.

Is instant messaging the same as windows live messenger?

windows live messenger is a form of instant messaging

In instant messaging what does ty mean?

Ty in instant messaging means Thank You.

How do you do a shark on instant messaging?


Which online dating site offers instant messaging for free?

Soulful Match is the name of an online dating site that offers instant messaging for free. SomeoneNew also offers free instant messaging.

Why is instant messaging good?

You can do a Live Conversation between someone you know anywhere in the world.

What is an instant messenger?

errr lol ive never one this but it is Instant messaging is the same as online chatting except you can often only talk to the people on your "contact list" or "buddy list" or "friend list" but online chatting allows you to talk to anonymous people in a multi- user environment. Instant messaging (IM) is a collection of technologies used for real-time text-based communication between two or more participants over the Internet, or other types of networks. Users can see each other by using webcams, or talk directly for free over the Internet using a microphone and headphones or loudspeakers. Instant messaging was made in the 1970's by Al gore. i think but im only 11. sorry if its wrong

Name something that begins with the word instant?

instant messaging, instant coffee...

Is sms is also instant messaging?

No. SMS is a cell phone application. Instant Messaging is primarily a computer function, but some IM programs have an SMS gateway that allows Instant Messaging from your cell phone. No. SMS is a cell phone application. Instant Messaging is primarily a computer function, but some IM programs have an SMS gateway that allows Instant Messaging from your cell phone.