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Unix is a specification. Mac OS X is a certified implementation of Unix. This like asking "What is the difference between a turtle and a red-eared slider."

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What are the differences between Mac OS X and Unix?

What is the engine behind Mac os X?

Mac OS X is based on UNIX.

What are some similarities between Mac OS X and Linux?

They are both Unix based.

What are the differences between Windows Vista and Mac OS X?

one is mac and one is windows

What are the differences between Windows and OS-X?

Mac OS X has different particles unlike Windows, were everything is a bit simpler then a Mac OS X.

What is the difference between Os and unix?

No difference, really. Unix is an OS (Operating System)

Is Macintosh UNIX based?

Yes Mac OS is based on Linux

Why Mac OS 10.3.9 have exec functions of Unix-like operating systems?

The reason for the exec functions being same/similar is because the Mac OS has its roots in variants of the Unix kernel.

What exactly is Mac OS X?

Mac OS X is an operating system running a UNIX shell, unlike Windows which uses a DOS shell. Most software must be specifically designed for use on Mac OS X because of its different shell, though UNIX provides Mac with improved security.

Does Mac OS X have a Registry?

No, the Registry is a feature of Microsoft Windows only. Neither the original Mac OS or the newer Mac OS X have ever used a Registry, Mac OS X is based on Unix which has never used a Registry.

What is an example of Unix?

Solaris, Mac OS X, HP-UX, and IRIX are all examples of Unix systems.

What are the six types of operating systems?

Dos Unix Linux Windows Mac OS OS/2

What are two differences between the original Mac OS and windows?

There are several differences between the original Mac OS and windows. Two of these differences include the fact that Widows was susceptible to viruses while Mac was not, and the MAC did not have menus in their windows. You could close a window and have the application still run. Windows had menus on each window and when the window was closed, the application stopped.

What is one of the most popular operating system?

Mac-OS=Disk operating system==Linux OS==Windows OS==Unix OS=

What is unix OR linux OR mac os x server?

They are all operating system.

What does the X stand for in OS X?

Mac OS X is pronounced Mac OS Ten. It follows on from Mac OS 9 which was the last version of what is now known as the classic Mac OS and it saw the introduction of the new UNIX based OS so the Roman numeral X was adopted to mark the change.

What is the best operating system for programmers?

Mac OS X. Why? First off, we have to consider our options. The major players are: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux/Unix Mac OS is the best because: - Support for automation (Automator/AppleScript) which is essential - Better hardware all-around - Nice functional GUI (comparable to Windows) - Ability to run all major OS via virtualization - UNIX root - Tools support is not bad (Xcode) In essence, Mac OS is like Windows + Linux/Unix.

What are the two differences between Mac OS and Windows?

There are way more than two differences between Mac OS X and Windows.Two of the most notable differences are:There are no known viruses in the wild for Mac OS X;Apple controls the entire Mac experience, providing both the OS and the hardware (versus Microsoft, which provides an OS to many different hardware companies).Both of differences (and many, many others) contribute to what many consider to be a much less frustrating experience using their computer, and are the primary reasons Mac users tend to regard their computers more favorably than Windows users.

Is Mac os x Linux?

Not exactly. Both Mac OS X and Linux are flavors of Unix, so they're very similar, but they're not identical.

Does Unix have a GUI?

Several different versions of UNIX have GUI's or Graphical User Interfaces. The most common example of UNIX with an interface is Mac OS X.

List three well-known OS's?

Windows, Unix, Mac OS

The Mac OS X Server kernel is derived from an operating system called what?


What was Mac OS designed for?

The Mac OS was designed by Apple as the operating system for their Macintosh range of computers. The first Mac OS, originally known as System Software, was introduced with the first Macintosh in 1984. Over the years the original Mac OS was developed, improved and expanded until Mac OS 9 in 2001. For version 10 Apple reworked the Mac OS around a UNIX core and this is known as Mac OS X.

Example of multi tasking OS?

windows, mac os, unix, linux..generally all of the present versions of these OC's are multitasking ones..

Which of the following operating system is used primarily with mainframes as a network operating system?

Mac OS, UNIX, Windows Vista, Symbian OS