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What are the differences between neolithic and Paleolithic civilizations?


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It preceed the Mesolithic peroid,noted for it's flacked stone implements as well cave drawings.Ii followed the Magdalenian stage of Paleolithic,pertaining to the most advanced cultured stage of the Pale. period in Europe.

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neolithic people farmed and paleolithic hunted for food

Paleolithic lived in caves and tents and Neolithic they lived in huts and had more technology

The mesolithic period was between the paleolithic and neolithic.

Paleolithic means "Old Stone Age" and neolithic means"New Stone Age

in the Paleolithic ages they made tools totally different than the Neolithic ages

Paleolithic people were hunter-gatherers while the Neolithic people relied primarily on agriculture

in Paleolithic fire was not discovered so they ate raw food and in neolithic FIRE was discovered so they ate cooked food so this is the difference between paleolithic and neolithic

Between the paleolithic and neolithic periods there was the mesolithic. But to answer the question: The neolithic saw the beginning of a sedentary lifestyle. Farming and ceramic technologies were developed and land management began.

One of the main differences between the Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods was in the main methods people used to acquire food. In the Palaeolithic.

Between paleolithic and neolithic just aged in terms? You need to be kidding me... Someone involved has got to have some serious issues to sort out

there are no similarities between the two time periods

Neolithic was a time people started making tools & trading .... Paleolithic era was the old stone age when people hunt & gathered !!

Paleolithic refers to the Old Stone Age period of time, whereas neolithic refers to the New Stone Age period of time, which came afterwards.

The Neolithic Age is the end of the Stone Age. People in the Paleolithic age did not live in permanent housing. People in the Neolithic age began to settle down in permanent structures and farm.

There is a huge advance in the paleolithic age.thats my best guess.

Paleolithic humans are basically cave men. Neolithic people are people from the stone age.

Palaeolithic is made up of two Greek words 'Paleo' means old and 'lithic' means stone.It was 2,00,00,000 to 12,000 years ago whereas neolithic age is 10,000 to 12,000 years ago.

The biggest difference between the two periods was that the Neolithic period saw the advent of tools and implements; the first developments of technology. Paleolithic peoples did not use tools of any kind.

The Paleolithic Era is the Old Stone Age. The Neolithic Era is the new stone age. "paleo" means old, and "neo" means new. "lithic" means stone age.

The Neolithic Revolution refers to the major change that took place between the Paleolithic and Neolithic age. Humans transitioned from hunting and gathering to a lifestyle of agriculture. The other two major changes were the domestication of animals and the domestication of plants.

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it is diffrent because the paleolithic era is the old stone age the mesolitic era is called the middle stone age the neolithic era is called the new stone age

The differnece between them is one is older paleolithic is 10,000 years ago and neolothic is 1 million years ago. It's amazing! Borat lives in The prawda shell

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