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The government in the United Kingdom is made up of 24 Ministerial Departments and their executive agencies. It also has an 26 additional non-Ministerial Departments.

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Q: What are the different departments in the UK government?
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Which government has its executive as part of the legislative?

The UK, and most governments which are based on the UK government. The executive branch consists of Departments which come under control of Parliament.

What does Government Gateway give access to?

"Government Gateway gives access to a large range of UK Government departments, for example you can apply for your drivers license, access your pension or other government account."

What does the bureaucracy consist of?

all offices, agencies and departments in the government.

What are the responsibilities of different levels of government in the UK?

Central Government Multi-Regional Government Regional Government Local Government

There are four different kinds of bureaucracies Which of these do the others report to?

In the United States of America, there are four different kinds of bureaucracies: departments, independent agencies, independent regulatory commissions, and government corporations. While departments were originally intended to be the largest and most important of government bureaucracies, many independent agencies are larger in terms of both staffs and budgets than many departments.

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What would happen if there was no government and no rules?

The basic purpose of government is to maintain law and order in country. If there is no government, its means that there is no law and order. Government has different types of departments and ministries which look after their specific work.

What is the percentage and rand value of the south African national budget allocation to the different government departments in 2015?


What branch includes the president and departments that help run the government?

The Executive branch includes the President and the departments that help run the government.

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What is an organized government?

An organized government is one that has leaders and structure. It might have a single leader, or numerous leaders with different levels of authority. An organized government would have departments, branches, and levels of control.