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Philos=brotherly, or friendship love

Eros=Romantic, sexual love

Agape=Unconditional, all-consuming love

sturge (storge sp?) = old friends connecting after a long time... where things appear to pick up exactly where they left off... even if many decades intervened...

epithemia - overwhelming desire to give all (not sexual) (eg. sometimes newly weds exhibit this in pure form)


Agape - having love based on Godly principle. It may or may not include affection and fondness. Yet, though not feeling affection, they do feel sincere concern for such fellow humans, to the limits and in the way that Godly righteous principles in The Bible allow and direct.

Eros - Romantic love. Love between a man and a woman and usually based on ones attractfulness or ones looks. The Song on Soloman is a very good example.

Philios - Having love for your neighbor, general caring and courtesy of others, looking out for one another (Where the city of Philadelphia gets its name.)

Storge - Familiar (family) love. A caring, loving bond between Mother and daughter, or father and son. This type of love may take time to develop, but is very strong.

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Q: What are the different types love in the Greek definitions?
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Hebrew has only one word for Love (ahava). In fact, this word also means 'like'.

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the five types of love are, eros, agape, phillia, storge, and thelema

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