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Do different types of caterpillars eat different kinds of food?

Yes, monarch butterfly caterpillars eat milkweed, which makes them poisonous. Different types of caterpillars eat different types of plants. Even butterflies stick with one type of flower and won't drink nectar from any other species.

How are the different types of Caterpillars alike?

They are all caterpillar.

Do different types of caterpillars eat different amounts of food?

yes, they do. Many caterpillars eat different amounts of food based on what size their adult forms will be.

How many different types of caterpillars are there?

Caterpillars are the larva of butterflies and moths and there are over 180,000 different species of butterflies and moths so there are over 180,000 different types of caterpillars. In regards to physical appearance, caterpillars can be small, large, fuzzy, smooth, rough, spiky, etc. The physical appearance of a caterpillar varies with each species.

Why do caterpillars make cocoons?

to become a buterfly or a moth of different types and sizes hope that helps

What kind of caterpillar is gray and fuzzy?

There are many types of caterpillars which are gray and fuzzy. Many of these types of caterpillars will actually turn into moths.

Do hummingbirds eat caterpillars?

Yes. Some types of humming birds eat caterpillars.

What TYPE of plants do caterpillars eat?

The Monarch caterpillar eats only milkweed. Other caterpillars of different types eat leafy plants. They eat the leaves of fruit and flowering plants.

What is the scientific name of a cutworm?

Cutworms belong to many species as they are the larvae (caterpillars) of many different types of moths.

What kind of a insect that has antennas on both ends and is black white and yellow striped?

There are several types of worms and caterpillars that have antennas on both ends. The worms and caterpillars can display many different colors.

What do brown moth caterpillars?

well acording to me these types of caterpillars eat and drink milk weed.

What types of caterpillars eat grass?


Will caterpillars eat all types of leaves?

No, caterpillars will not eat all types of leaf. They eat various kinds of leaf depending on which type of caterpillar they are.

Will woolly caterpillars eat all types of leaves?

No. There are many kind of woolly or hairy caterpillars and they all eat very specific types of leaf.

What types of tent caterpillars are there?

There are about 26 types of tent caterpillars. The most common types are eastern tent caterpillar, western tent caterpillar, forest tent caterpillar, and the lackey moth.

Do caterpillars eat nettle leaves?

A few types of caterpillar eat nettle leaves but most caterpillars do not.

What types of fruits does caterpillars eat?

Caterpillars eat leaves and fruit eg: horis, cupin, loxan, papricka, apple, orange, mango, pears, pomegranate, grapes, Cherry's and all types caterpillars are herbivore's.

Do caterpillars eat anything besides grass?

Caterpillars eat many different plants.

What different sorts of patterns do caterpillars have on their bodies?

Caterpillars can be identified by several different main body patterns. These include banded, camouflaged, slashed, spotted, striped, and solid color/no pattern.

Do caterpillars eat daisies?

Caterpillars eat daisies and other types of vegetation. Some of the specific daisies that caterpillars may feed on are Gerbera Daisies and Shasta Daisies.

What do catepillers eat?

Caterpillars eat leaves from plants. It depends on what type of caterpillar it is though, because different caterpillars eat different leaves.

Which types of caterpillars eat lilac leaves?

Duskywings caterpillars and the California hairstreak caterpillars will eat lilac leaves. The Pale Swallowtail will also eat the leaves of a lilac tree or bush.

How are caterpillars and butterfly's different?

Caterpillars and butterflies are different because the caterpillar is the out side of a butterfly. It may sound silly but a caterpillar sheds 6 times, four times as a caterpillar , once when it makes a pupa. When the butterfly hatches from it's cocoon it is really shedding it. Caterpillars are different because caterpillars are the early stage of the butterfly.

What is baby moth called?

Moths, like butterflies, metamorphosis from caterpillars, just a different species of caterpillars.

How many different citrus caterpillars are there?