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centrum multivitamines

centrum silver

centrum cardio

centrum kids

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Q: What are the different types of Centrum products?
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What are some types of Centrum vitamins?

Some types of Centrum vitamins include Centrum Silver, Centrum FlavorBurst and Centrum Specialist Vision. You can view more Centrum vitamins at the Centrum website.

What kind of gelatin is in centrum advanced formula?

Centrum products are not Kosher or Halal. The gelatin in the Centrum vitamin products may be from a porcine source and no religious procedure (Kosher or Halal) has been performed.

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What is in Centrum Multivitamins?

Centrum Multivitamins is a brand of chewable vitamin supplement. Centrum products are produced by Pfizer and are available to purchase over the counter in pharmacies.

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Is centrum ultra womens multi vitamin gluten free?

Centrum's product division says that their products are not derived from gluten, but that they could have been cross-contaminated with gluten prior to entering their facility.

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Is centrum halal?

The manufacturer said it was made from gelatin that is sourced from pork and poultry products. Refer to the related link for more information.