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There are several abdominal workouts with different names and poses. Some popular exercises are bicycle, captain's chair, ball crunch, and leg crunch.

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Workouts that make the abs strong.

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Q: What are the different types of abdominal workouts?
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What are good abdominal workouts?

masterbaiting is a great and putting your thing in girls poopers

Where can I find a good abdominal workout?

An abdominal workout will assist you in getting strong core muscles. To assist you in your search for abdominal workouts:

When can you do sit ups after bladder surgery?

Try doing other upper abdominal workouts

What are the best 30 minute workouts to do?

It depends on what kind of workouts you are looking for. There are a variety of different types. I would suggest buying a DVD or watching an instructional video online or perhaps talking to a trainer or your doctor.

What workouts emphasize losing abdominal fat?

Aerobics and pilates are a couple of workouts you could try. A great website to get more info is

How does an infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm get repaired?

The infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm can be repaired through different types of surgery. The two main types of surgical repair include open repair and endovascular repair.

What types of workouts are available from Core Performance?

Core Performance offers full-body strength workouts, pillar strength workouts, cardio workouts, and more depending on the locations services. Some locations have pools, which allows for swimming workouts. Some locations have tracks, which allow for track workouts.

What are the best brands of home gyms?

The best brand of home gym depends on what type of workout you are looking for. Different workouts are beneficial to different body types and degrees of health.

Does doing abs workouts affect height?

nope it just affects your abdominal area your height is affected if maybe if your doing back workouts or lifting weights while standing

Does this elliptical offer several different programmable workouts?

Not only does this have different programmable workouts it is sleek in styling to utilize a limited work space.

Do abdominal trainers also work on your biceps?

Yes they do. When you are working with weights for your biceps, it also has effect on your stomach muscles. This is getting two workouts for one.

What is the best abdominal machine for bodybuilding workouts?

Most bodybuilders will likely use abdominal crunches and /or hold weights on their chest to increase resistance during these crunches. But there are machines in most gyms which allow you to sit up and bend forward against a padded resistance bar to increase your abdominal strength.