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implied, extended, limited, and express.

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Q: What are the different types of warranties?
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What kind of warranty does Cellet offer?

Cellet offers different warranties on their different products, there are lifetime warranties, limited warranties, 3 year and 1 year warranties. All warranties are subject to proper use and not abusing the item in order for the warranty to remain valid.

What are two primary types of warranties?

implied and expressed

What are the two primary types of warranties?

temoraryand extended

What services does GovConnection provide?

GovConnection provides technological services that vary in different types of electronics. They also offer warranties for any services that are bought from them.

Where might one compare auto warranties?

One might compare auto warranties in many different places. For example, one might compare auto warranties in a newspaper ad, in a magazine ad, or even on the internet.

What is the warranty period on Trane air conditioners?

Trane brand of air conditioners offers a variety of different warranties. A basic warranty may last about 60 days. Individuals may pay more for extended warranties, as well. These warranties may be for 1 year or more. Some warranties may be for as long as 10 years.

Can I get a gas warranty my car?

There are many options for warranties for vehicles of all types. I have found none that offer a warranty for gas. There is usually roadside assistance companies that bring you gas but that's as close as I have found to gas warranties.

Are all warranties unilateral contracts and are all unilateral contracts warranties?

no and no

What sort of warranties should I look for when buying a netbook computer?

Different netbook manufacturers offer warranties that differ according to the specific manufacturer. Dell currently offers several warranties, that offer the consumer a chance to extend the warranty period. has all the detailed information available.

Where would I buy tires online?

There is a wide variety of online tire dealers with all different types of brands and all different sizes to fit any vehicle. Always do your research on a company before you buy and be knowledgable of their return policy and warranties for just in case.

When was the idea of extended warranty for cars first introduced?

The concept for extended warranties for automobiles was first introduced in the 1970's. Before then, there were types of automobile warranties which were granted by the manufacturers themselves. However, a few companies decided to offer limited warranties ranging from one, two, or three years, and that is how the idea of an extended warranty was introduced.

What kind of warranties are available if I purchase a discount priced TV?

Usually the same warranties are available for purchased when buying a discounted TV or video game system. In some rare cases, like final sell or used equipment, the vendor might limit the types of warranties available for purchased but it's not really the standard to do so.

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