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What are the different types of warranties?

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implied, extended, limited, and express.

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Can I get a gas warranty my car?

There are many options for warranties for vehicles of all types. I have found none that offer a warranty for gas. There is usually roadside assistance companies that bring you gas but that's as close as I have found to gas warranties.

What sort of warranties should I look for when buying a netbook computer?

Different netbook manufacturers offer warranties that differ according to the specific manufacturer. Dell currently offers several warranties, that offer the consumer a chance to extend the warranty period. has all the detailed information available.

Where would I buy tires online?

There is a wide variety of online tire dealers with all different types of brands and all different sizes to fit any vehicle. Always do your research on a company before you buy and be knowledgable of their return policy and warranties for just in case.

When was the idea of extended warranty for cars first introduced?

The concept for extended warranties for automobiles was first introduced in the 1970's. Before then, there were types of automobile warranties which were granted by the manufacturers themselves. However, a few companies decided to offer limited warranties ranging from one, two, or three years, and that is how the idea of an extended warranty was introduced.

Are all warranties unilateral contracts and are all unilateral contracts warranties?

no and no

What are the benefits and risks of used car warranties?

The benefits are that they often cover many more repair types than new car warranties. However, they often carry high deductibles and may only cover a portion of the repair costs.

What kinds of car warranties are there?

There are several different types of warranties available for your vehicle. The most basic warranty you can get is from your dealership. This is not the manufacturer warranty. The dealership will cover for the contracted time, any inspections and repairs needed for your vehicle. Then there are other warranties like emissions warranty that cover any emission issues and then there is a warranty called the power train warranty that covers any mechanical issues like transmission issues. Your best bet is to discuss this with your dealership and see which option is most suitable for you.

What is the meaning of a generic warranty?

A generic warranty is often a warranty placed on a product or service that is standard within the industry in which it is offered or produced. You will find many companies have generic warranties on their products when they manufacture many different types of products.

Are exhaust manifolds covered by warranties?

Exhaust manifolds should be covered by warranties.

How do Largo Furniture warranties compare to Huntington USA Furniture?

The Largo warranties are not as good as Huntington, which provides five year warranties for all their furniture.

What car dealer has the best warranties?

The car dealer that has the best warranties for you depends on what type of coverage and price range you are looking at. Check some of the large companies such as Honda, Kia, Toyota, Nissan, and others to find out the types of plans they offer and choose which is best for you.

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Difference between nature of condition and warranties?

difference between nature of conditions and warranties

Are warranties still in effect after a car is reinstated?

warranties have nothing to do witha repo. YES is your answer

Which freezers have the best warranties?

LG, Kenmore and kitchenaid all offer amazing warranties.

Where can auto warranties be found?

Auto warranties can be found through auto warranty companies. There are many companies that offer auto warranties, such as The Auto Warranty Agency, and MBPI.

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Which companies do home warranties?

Colonial and Old Republic are two companies that provide home warranties. A lot of research, however, has shown home warranties to not be worth the money put into them.

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What do extended warranties for cars consist of?

Extended warranties for cars would be longer in time and may cover more items or pieces on the vehicle. Normally, warranties are to be bought at the time of purchase.

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