What are the different types of wild cats in the world?

Basically all cats can be considered wild; but they can be categorized as domestic, feral, or wild. They all share the same characteristics. The main list: Cheetah, Lion, Tiger, Snow Leopard, Black Leopard, Spotted Leopard, Black Panther, Lynx, and Mountain Lion, which is also known as Puma or Cougar.

There are: Bengal, White Bengal and Siberian Tiger, Cheetah, King Cheetah, Asian and African Lion, Snow and Clouded Leopard, Panther, Bobcat, Canadian Lynx, Spanish Lynx, Cougar/Mountain Lion/Puma, Caracal, Ocelot, Margay, Serval, Asian and African Golden Cat, Flat-headed Cat, Fishing Cat, Geoffroy's Cat, Bay Cat, Black-footed Cat, Chinese Desert Cat, Jaguars, Jagarundi, Jungle Cat, Iriomote cat, Tshushima cat, Kodkod, Leopard Cat, Leopard-spotted Cat (Tiger Cat), Marbled Cat, Mountain Cat, Pallas's cat, Pampas Cat, Rusty-spotted Cat and finally, Sand Cat. There are more subspecies for the tigers, lynxes, bobcats, lions, and wild cats.

Do you got Panther on there??
There are 10 wild cats.
there is loin, tiger, puma, cougar,cheetah, spotted, leopard, leopard, bob tail, ocelot lynx, serval, snow, leopard, snow tiger, and more
Felis are for smaller cats while pantheriae are bigger cats It is unknown is cheetah a big, or small cat

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