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What are the disadvantages of consumerism?


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There are a few disadvantages of consumerism, including the negative affects on the environment. Sometimes when companies try to lower the price of creating their goods, they can do significant damage to the environment.


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cosumerism make people crazy and desoriented.

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Large scale consumerism is what a capitalist economy relies on.Consumerism, driven by marketing, drives the US economy.

With people wanting to buy all sorts of things they did not need, it was clear that consumerism had gone too far.

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Television had the biggest impact on the increase in 1950s consumerism.

Consumerism is a movement seeking to protect consumers against improperly labeled or shoddy merchandise. There is no synonym.

Consumerism can be defined as a social movement seeking to augment the right of buyers in relation to seller. there are four main rights in consumerism: - right to safety - right to choose - right to be informed - right to be heard

just like a coin has two sides even consumerism is also having its pros and cons.

The economy grew because of domestic consumerism

Consumerism can be defined as a social movement seeking to augment the right of buyers in relation to seller

The government serves as an agent of consumerism in Nigeria. This is a form of legislation which seeks to protect the rights of the consumers in the market.

The objectives of consumerism is to fight for the rights of consumers. The goal is to make sure that the public is not taken advantage of when they buy products.

The objective of consumerism in Nigerian economy is to ensure that consumers are not exploited. This seeks to protect the interests of the consumers in the market.

Consumerism in the 1970s brought about a more robust service sector. This occurred at the same that manufacturing was waning in the United States.

Consumerism increased because people wanted to spend the money they had saved

The major forces in consumerism are individual consumer advocates and organizations, consumer educational programs, and consumer laws

Consumerism is important because it creates jobs. If people stopped buying things, then employees would have to be laid off. Also, a recent study shows that the richest 20% countries consume 76.6% of products. As you can see, consumerism keeps the economy balanced.

Ok first of all you have to search the meaning of the word once you do that then u that should be easy to find a sentence i =).

People do too much stuff

Buying from mail-order catalogs.

buying from mail-order catalogs

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