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None. Roman Catholics are Christian.

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Q: What are the discrepancies between Roman Catholics and Christianity?
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Related questions

What type of church is the church of England?

it is a subdivision of Christianity like catholics or roman catholics

What religion do Roman Catholics believe in?

Christianity. Catholicism was the first ever sect of Christianity.

What religion do Roman Catholics belong to?

Christianity. Catholicism was the first ever sect of christianity.

What is the most popular faith in the world?

Christianity, or in particular, Roman Catholics

What is the religion that Catholics believe?

A version of Christianity they call Roman Catholicism.

What branch of Christianity is most wide spread in South America?

Roman Catholics

What are the major religoins of russia?

Orthodox Christianity,Russian Orthodoxy and Roman Catholics.

What is the main religion Kiribati?

Christianity, mainly Roman Catholics and Congregationalist Protestants.

When did the Roman Catholics move to Ireland?

Christianity came to Ireland with St. Patrick in 432AD.

What is the Christianity's holy city?

For Christians in general, it is Jerusalem, but for Roman Catholics, it is Rome/Vatican City.

What is south America's largest religions group called?

Christianity, the majority of whom are Roman Catholics.

What is really the largest religion in the world?

Christianity The Roman Catholics make up the largest group

What percentage of Latin Americans are Catholics?

Between 60 and 80% of the population are Roman Catholics.

Cultural differences between Roman Catholics and Byzantine Christians contributed to the?

Cultural differences between Roman Catholics and Byzantine Christians contributed to the

Do Ukrainian Catholics celebrate mass like Roman Catholics?

Roman Catholic AnswerUkranian Catholics ARE Roman Catholics, so NO, they Mass if not like Roman Catholics it is Roman Catholic.

Who is the roman catholics God?

The same God worshipped by Jews, Muslims, and all other areas of Christianity

What are some major groups theat make Christianity today?

Roman Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Protestants.

What is the religious belief of a Jesuit priest?

All Jesuits are Roman Catholics and subscribe to the beliefs of that branch of Christianity.

What is the difference between the Catholic Church and the Methodist Church?

Catholics follow the rule of the Pope in Rome. Methodists, being a protestant sect of Christianity, have nothing to do with the Roman papacy.

What was the difference between Christianity in the western roman empire and Christianity in the Byzantine empire?

The christianity in the west was 'Roman Catholic' and the christianity in the byzantine empire was the 'orthodox' version.

Who is the major religious leader in Christianity?

The pastor. ---- The Pope, With most of the Christians in the world being Roman Catholics, The Roman Catholic Church is the face of Christianity to the non-Christian world, as such, the Pope is the most major religious leader in Christianity.

Why is Christianity and the medieval mind so conflicted?

Conflict did not exist between the medieval mind and Christianity as most people then understood Christianity. The Christianity of the medieval period followed the thinking of St Augustine. A few Protestants existed like Occum, Abelard, and Wycliffe, but most were Roman Catholics.

What is the difference between Macedonian Greek Catholics and Roman Catholics?

Roman Catholic AnswerThere is NO difference. The Macedonian Greek Catholics are Roman Catholics ever bit as much as Latin Rite Catholics are. The Latin Rite is much bigger, and more familiar to those of us in the west but they are equal in the Church.

How many Roman Catholics lived and live on earth since the foundation of Christianity?

Certainly only God knows.

Holy cities of Christianity?

In essence, Christianity has but two holy cities. Jerusalem is the foundation of Christianity and is holy to all Christians. Rome is the basis of Catholic faith and is holy to Roman Catholics.