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What are the duties of a lawyer?

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2010-10-01 04:47:06

Briefly, an attorney's duties include the following:

  • Study the appropriate law and provide expert legal advice.
  • Make certain the client receives the benefit of all their

    rights under the law.

  • Not do anything which might jeopardize their client's


  • Conduct the client's case so that it will be decided on the


  • Render the highest fidelity toward the rights of the


  • Protect the client's confidentiality.
  • Conduct the case in an orderly and expeditious manner.
  • Obey the law and adhere to professional ethics.

In addition:

  • Your lawyer must represent you ethically, zealously and within

    the bounds of the law.

  • Your lawyer must competently analyze legal issues and exercise

    knowledge of the law applicable to your case.

  • He or she must communicate with you in a timely and effective


  • Your lawyer attorney owes you, as the client, a duty of

    loyalty. Your lawyer can't simultaneously represent you and another

    client with legal interests that conflict with yours. An example of

    an obvious conflict would be representation of both the landlord

    and the tenant in an eviction action.

  • For so long as he or she continues to represent you, your

    lawyer is required to follow your directions in handling your case

    unless those directions are illegal.

  • Your lawyer must keep your personal property separate from his

    or her own property, and must keep your money in an escrow account.

    Any time you demand it, your lawyer must return your money or


  • Except in rare circumstances, your lawyer is required to keep

    client confidences confidential.

  • Depending on the jurisdiction, lawyers may be prohibited from

    having personal relationships with their clients.

  • Unless he or she first obtains your informed written consent,

    your lawyer is prohibited from taking on representation that is

    adverse to your interests.

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