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Congress proposes and ratifies laws and amendments. Congress declares war. They make laws, represent their constituents, and serve on committees. Congress decides how to spend our money and shapes foreign policy.

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Q: What are the duties of congress?
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What are duties of the congress?

the duties of the congress is enacting laws of the country

Duties of congress?

some duties of congress are, make laws, represent their constitutions, and serve on committees

Who assigned congresses duties?

The duties of congress were assigned by the Constitution. Article I one of the Constitution describes the specific powers of congress.

Should congress have more duties?

Heavens no . . . they cannot handle the duties that they do have, already.

What are the dutie of congress?

One of the duties of Congress is to declare war. Another duty of Congress is to make and enact laws.

How are the duties of the congress divided between the house and senate?

the duties of the congress divided between the house and senate are that the senate tends to have more power than representatives

What are the 3 major duties of congress?

There are 4 majors duties of Congress. This question has been answered previously. Please go to: 4_powers_given_to_congress_by_the_constitution

What are the main duties of Congress?

To make and pass laws.

Who gave congress there duties?

The Constitution, and therefore the people.

What are the president powers and duties of relations with congress?

WUT . i did

What are the main duties of this house of congress?

the answer to this question is . You have to be responsible

What helps congress with research and office duties?


How did the seven specific duties of congress come to be assigned?

The early government took all the duties of the king and spread them around to the president, congress, and the senate after the Revolutionary War.

What are the jobs of the congress?

Congress has several job duties. Some of those duties are making laws, they can coin money, collect taxes, and they can also override Presidential vetoes.

Through what authority have the duties of the supreme court been defined?

The Congress defines the duties of the Supreme Court.

Duties of party officers in congress?

They act as a parlimentarian for congress. (keeping order and control) ~{Gummi Bear}~

How has the doctrine of implied powers increased the power of congress?

It allows congress to create laws to carry out its duties.

Which group of people can deem the president incapable of performing his duties?

Congress can deem the president incapable of performing his duties.

Coining money and declaring war are the duties of?

the U.S. Congress.

The constitution most detailed in whos explaining duties?


What are the duties of the legislative branch at a local level?

congress is the correct answer

How did congress's seven specific duties become assigned?

the duties carried out by a member of congress are understood to include representation, legislation, and the constituent service and education,as well as political and electoral activities.the expectations and duties of a member of congress are extensive,encompassing several roles!

What are the two non law making duties of congress?

Only Congress may coin money and levy war.

Who has the power to lay and collect taxes duties imports and excise?


What is the duties of congress?

They made law's and they would edit the president's law's.