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What are the duties of the us senate?

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The US Senate is the upper house of the US Congress. Bills must be passed by a majority of both houses of Congress in order to become law. Except for revenue bills, bill can be introduced in either house.

The Senate alone must confirm most appointments of the President, including ambassadors, cabinet members, federal judges and other high-ranking positions.

The Senate must ratify any treaties made with foreign governments .

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Which of these duties does the constitution give president of the US?

voting in the senate in case of a tie

Does the vice president have specific constitutional duties?

Yes- to preside over the US Senate .

What are the duties of the president of the president pro tempore?

He is a voting member of the Senate and so shares the duties of all US Senators. The position is mostly ceremonial and is awarded to the majority member with the most seniority in the Senate.

What duties does the Constitution give to the Vice President of the US?

the leader of the Senate (called the President of the Senate); the Vice-President does not vote unless there is a tie

What duties do the senate and representatives share?

They share the same duties

How are the duties of the congress divided between the house and senate?

the duties of the congress divided between the house and senate are that the senate tends to have more power than representatives

What are the senator duties?

The Senate has the following duties: 1. The Senate tries impeachment cases 2. And the Senate must approve many of appointment made by the Governor

Who serves as the leader of the senate when the vice president is absent?

When the US Vice President is absent or acting as President, his/her Senate duties fall to the US Senate President Pro Tempore, who by tradition is the longest-serving Senator of the majority party.

Is the President of the Senate next in line after the US Vice-President to assume the duties of US President?

It is Speaker of the house I believe.

Duties of the senate?

to be a good judge

What are the duties of the vp?

Brake the Senate

What duties are reserved for the senate?

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What are the special duties of the United States senate?

The United States Senate has two primary exclusive duties. These are to create treaties and to hold impeachment hearings for officials.

What are the special duties of Illinois's senate?

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What are the job duties for Senate House?

no one cares

What are the duties and responsibilities of the senate president?

the duties and responsibilities are manase the goverment.propose new laws.make the armed forces.

What are the duties of a Vice President?

In the United States, the elected position of vice president does not have allot of required duties. Two duties, however, are important. The vice president is the presiding official in the US Senate. And, should there be a tie in the votes in the Senate, the vice president must vote to break the tie. If by chance the US president dies or is disabled, the vice president fills that office. Full time if the president has died or serves until a disabled president can recover health to perform presidential duties.

What body approves many of the powers and duties of the president?

the senate

What are duties that apply to both the House and the Senate?

none of your buisness......

Many of the powers and duties of the president must be approved by who?

By the Senate

What are the duties of senate house and house of representatives in nigeria?


What is the Senate of Canada's Duties?

review the laws and see they are followed

What kind of duties are fulfilled when a governor calls the state House of Representatives and Senate into a special session?

Legislative duties

What position presides over the senate?

The presiding officer is the individual that holds the position that presides over the Senate. This individual is responsible for ensuring that all duties within this area of government follow the laws of the US Constitution.

Over what part of congress does the vice president serve as president?

One of the few constitutional duties of the Vice-President is to serve as President of the US Senate.