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The term "drought" generally has different degrees of meaning, depending upon the normal climate of the country where drought is occurring. For example, in a tropical country, where heavy rainfall is the norm, drought may refer to a period of a matter of mere weeks without rain.

In its truest sense, though, drought is an extended period of lack of rain, which has economic repercussions on the country. In a country such as Australia where droughts continue for years, this may have the following effects:

  • hinders a farmer's income by limiting his ability to produce crops and/or healthy livestock
  • drives up prices of goods due to limited supply
  • increases inflation as a result of price increases
  • contributes to unemployment as businesses, suffering loss of profits, are forced to close down and farms are forced to sell up
  • increases the danger of bushfires, duststorms and other drought-related natural disasters
  • increased desertification, i.e. once fertile land becomes desert, a situation from which the land rarely recovers
  • causes people to relocate, thus contributing to the death of towns
  • causes death to native animals, not only from lack of food and water, but also because drought can drive introduced species such as foxes and feral cats, which tend to be hardier than the native animals, to kill more native animals in the quest to survive.

In less developed countries, drought leads to famine. It also causes diseases as there is less water available for basic hygiene and sanitation. Although not yet an issue in Australia, wars have even been fought over access to available water.

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What effects does El Niño have on a place or country?

Drought conditions in Australia == ==

How does Australia prevent drought?

Droughts cannot be prevented. Droughts are natural disasters, and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent them. However, their effects can be reduced, by simple measures such as limiting unnecessary water use. Australia has many schemes for minimising the effects of drought, but it cannot prevent them.

Why didn't Australia have drought?

Australia does have drought. Much of Australia is desert and very hot, and does not get much rain. So there is drought in those parts of Australia.

How often does drought occur in Australia?

Constantly. There is always part of Australia in drought.

Is Australiahaving a drought?

No, Australia is not having a drought.

What is the effects of a drought on plant cells?

There are a few devastating effects that a drought can have on a plant. A drought can completely dry out a plant and kill it for example.

How drought different from the effects from a draining pond?

How drought is different from the effects resulting from draining the pond

Where in Australia is there drought?

Victoria state in Australia

What are drought prone areas of Australia?

The most drought-prone areas are the areas inland from the coast. Drought hits all areas of Australia (including the coast) but drought is more prevalent in inland Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Northern Territory and throughout South Australia and Western Australia. Even Tasmania can be subject to drought.

How do you think the effects of drought can be avoided in the future?

i think by buying drought

What year did the Australian drought happen?

Various regions of Australia have been in a state of almost continual drought since the mid-1990s. Drought is a constant concern in Australia.

Which conditions best model the effects of drought on plant cells?

We can model the effects of a drought with the characteristics of a plant in a hypertonic solution.

How many people died in the drought in Australia 2006?

I don't think anyone did because Australia has such good drought precautions

Where do you find a drought?

Droughts can be found in all the continents, but Australia and Africa are particularly drought-prone. At any time, there is at least one area in Australia which is a declared drought region.

What were the effects of drought in Somalia?


What causes drought conditions in places such as Indonesia and Australia?

Lack of rain in hot places like Indonesia and Australia will cause drought

How long did the Australian drought last for?

Most areas of Australia have permanent drought conditions.

Was it a surprise that there was a drought in Australia?

Droughts in Australia are never a surprise. As the second driest continent in the world, Australia is subject to frequent droughts, and it is probably more of a surprise when there isn't a drought.

When did Australia's drought begin?

At least one region of Australia is always in a period of drought. This region may vary from north to south, east to west, etc, but because of the nature of Australia as the world's second driest continent, there is always a part of Australia in drought.

When did the drought in sa start?

If, by "SA" you mean South Australia, the drought was declared in October 2002.

Has Australia had a drought?

Yes we Aussies had a drought and we are still going through one, we have had them for about 200 years.

Where in Australia was the drought?

At some time in history, any part of Australia could have had a drought. A more specific date is required. Droughts occur anywhere in Australia. They are less common along the southeast coastal regions, but certainly these areas have been drought-declared. The far northern tropical region rarely experiences drought.

Where in Australia does it drought?

Droughts occur anywhere in Australia. They are less common along the southeast coastal regions, but certainly these areas have been drought-declared. The far northern tropical region rarely experiences drought.

Why does people bring food from other countries to Australia?

Because Australia is in drought

Is it true that austrialia may have a drought affect of la Nina?

No. La Niña will bring increased precipitation to Australia. El Niño will bring drought to Australia.

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