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welll ...YOU GET FAT!
YOU HAVE WEAK MUSTLES (and if u r a boy tht will not score veryy well with the girrlsss)!!





i hope this gives you lots of advice x

lurrrrvvvveeee yoouuuu xxxxxxxx
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What are the effects of lack of exercise on health and well-being?

depression depression

Effects of lack of exercise?

Health issues: fatigue, heart problems, obesity and more

What are the effects of lack of exercise on muscle?

Evenutally atrophy sets in. The muscle declines in mass.

What are the long term effects of lack of exercise?

It is important for people to exercise when they can. If they do not they can become obese, they can lose muscle mass, and become weak.

By what measure is regularity of exercise important?

effects diminish with lack of exercise within two weeks if physical activity is substantially reduced; the fitness effects disappear altogether within two to eight months if physical activity is not resumed.

What are the effects of lack of provisions?

Hunger and malnutrition are effects of lack of provisions.

How many people die from lack of exercise each year?

everybody dies from lack of exercise

Short term effects of exercise?

Short term effects of exercise?

What are the long term effects of a lack of physical exercise?

Lack of physical exercise can result in loss of: muscle mass, bone density, flexibility, energy level, mood, immune system, and heart health. It can also cause muscle atrophy and weight gain.

What are the effects of no exercise on the body?

Lack of exercise can contribute to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cognitive decline and dementia, loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, depression, obesity, and immune function.

Can lack of exercise cause depression?

Lack of exercise can contribute to depression, in terms of lower body confidence, less endorphins from vigorous exercise, and guilt from not exercising.

What are the side effects if you lack potassium?

Lack of Potassium (hypokalemia) muscle weakness is one of the effects. ;-)

What are the short term effects of a lack of physical exercise?

Could get: -heart disease -have little strength -get a build up of deposits in the arteries (hope this helped)

What are the effects of lack of socialisation?

lack of personality development

Can you develop arthritis or pain in your muscles and joints when you dont get a lot of exercise?

The exact cause of arthritis is still not known. And while exercise is helpful in dealing with the effects of arthritis. A lack of it is not held responsible for the development of arthritis.

Is lack of exercise bad?


What are the effects of discrimination?

The effects of discrimination are devastating to both children and adults. Some effects are lack of self esteem, lack of confidence, and depression.

What are the bad effects exercise has on the bones and joints?

the bad effects of exercise is -unhealthy bones -weak bones

Physiological effects of exercise in water?

Outline the physiological effects of exercise in water (Use dot point

How does lack of exercise affect bone?

It effects the bone by keeping it the same which can be bad. As you grow they are more breakable because your bones are in the same fragile state as when you were younger.

Describe and explain the physiological basis of one disorder linked to lack of activity eg obesity?

The physiological effects of no exercise and being over weight obese

What is it called when a muscle decreases in size due to lack of exercise?

When a muscle decreases in size due to a lack of exercise, it is called disuse atrophy.

What are the effects if you do not do exercise?

you can get fat

Why are the effects of exercise referred to as systemic effects?

Why are the effects referred to as systemic effectrs

What makes your butt grow?

Lack of exercise

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