What are the effects of verbal abuse on children?

the verbal abuse is a very serious matter for instance if a young child acidentilly spills a glass of milk a parent or both parents may start calling the child stupid and cursing and putting the child in a depressing stage feeling like sucide ,or cutting the wrists,maybe even bulling other people or peers around them.

the vebal abuse is such as cursing really not being called fat or lazy but those words are very upseting to kids making them feel not wanted or not loved.

im here to tell u im going to be 13 and took care of 3 younger siblings while my family slept and and did nothing, to help, my sister a year and a half younger than i helped me with our lil sister and brother of course they could both go to school thankfully and i was happy 4 that and i struggled with househlod chores . my grades went from a's to c's and d's . i also begain to complain to my grandparents about my struggles and they let me live with them . i now make straight a's and am living a better cleaner invironment. but while i was getting each child ready for school plus myself if i messed one thing up and my parents found out i was cursed at and that's considered verbal abuse . if it's effecting your health,grades ,and self estseam .. contact someone

verbal; abuse is very serious in court and can be held against parents if u want to go that rought !!!!