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What are the engine sizes of an 1983 ford f250 non-diesel?

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could be a 4.9 six cylinder could be a 302 eight clinder or could be a 351 eight cylinder don't think you could get a big block unless special ordered Actually, You could get the 4.9 (300 CID) Inline six, 5.0 (302 CID),5.8 (351 CID) and 7.5 (460 CID). The 5.8/351 being the windsor motor which is basically a tall deck stroked 5.0/302. Hope this helps.

2007-12-07 01:55:15
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Q: What are the engine sizes of an 1983 ford f250 non-diesel?
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What does the F250 stand for in the Ford F250?

The different sizes refer to the engine and towing capacity. The larger sizes generally effect the fuel economy as well. You can find the specifications at

Where is the windshield wiper governor on a 1983 Ford F250?

The windshield wiper governor on a 1983 Ford F250 is located behind the glove box. It is on the left side of the cowl.

Will 1983 F250 rims fit on a 1990 F250?

NO! Even though they look the same, the center hole on 1987 up 8 hole rims are bigger than your 1983 rims.

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What size diesel engine is in 2004 f250?

The optional diesel engine in an '04 F250 Ford is a 6.0L V-8 Turbo Diesel made by Navistar (International)

Is a F250 Super Duty a Diesel?

It could either have a gasoline engine or a diesel engine

Where is the firewall in a F250 truck?

the firewall on a f250 is the wall of the cab between the engine and the passenger compartment on any vehicle the firewall is the wall that seperates engine compartment from passenger compartment

460 cubic inch engine is what liter in F250?


Is a 5.8l engine on a 1990 Ford F250 a 351?


What are the specs on a ford F250 diesel engine?

What Year model

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I have a 1996 f250 with a 5.8 engine. i was wondering if anyone knows how much power a 2001 f250 with a 5.4 egine makes

Check timing on a f-250?

What year F250 and what engine??

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What engine size is a 2001 f250 diesel?

7.3 Liter Turbo

What was the factory diesel engine for the 1995 Ford F250?

7.3L turbo

Did 1984 f250 come with catalytic converter?

Gas engine, yes.

Coolant capacity ford f250 5.4liter engine?

4 gallons

What is the bolt size on an F250 Super Duty?

There are lots of bolts of varying sizes. They all should be metric though.

Where is the cylinder head temperature sensor located on a 2000 F250 Triton 5.4L?

Where is cylinder temp sensor on 2000 Ford f250 with v10 engine

Does a 1994 f250 pickup have a catalytic converter?

Gas engine, yesDiesel engine, no.Gas engine, yesDiesel engine, no.

Where is the engine coolant temp sensor located on a 1992 ford f250?

what engine? most will be close to the t-stat.

What is the antifreeze capacity for a 1997 F250 with a 7.5 liter engine?

6.0 gallons

How do you time a 5.4 engine in a 05 f250 ford?

You don't.. The computer controls it.

Where is the Crank Sensor on a 2004 F250?

it will be on the lower front of the engine even with the crankshaft

Where is the fuel pump on a 1994 ford f250 gas engine?

In the fuel tank.