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What are the example of external database?

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what are the example of —external

what are the example of —external

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Hire a Database Programmer?

form_title=Hire a Database Programmer form_header=Hire a professional programmer to build your database and have confidence in the product! What is the database programming for?=_ Will the database target the internal or external public?= {(),Internal,External,Both,Not Sure} What platforms will be used for the database?=_

Database Design Services?

form_title=Database Design Services form_header=Hire a professional to create a database for your business! Will you need ongoing support for the database?= () Yes () No () Not Sure What will the database be used for?=_ Is the database used for your external or internal public?= {(),External,Internal,Not Sure} What do you want the database to include?=_

Custom Database Design?

form_title=Custom Database Design form_header=Design, develop and manage the database that fits your business needs. What do you need the database to offer?=_ Who will have access to the database?=_ Is this database for the internal or external public?= {(),Internal,External} Do you need the new database to integrate with a current system?= () Yes () No () Not Sure

Oracle Database 11g is an example of which type of database?

multidimensional database

What is external data in Excel?

It is data coming from another source, such as a database. It is external to Excel, but being used by Excel.

What is an example of a database system?

a relational database ssystem is a best example i know and its comm0n for all

What is an example of an external stimulus?

an example of a external stimulus is you get hurt so you cry.

What are the examples of manual database?

an example of a manual database is a dictionary or thesaurus.

What is an example of a paper based database?

an example of a paper based database is a phone book or a telephone book. hope this helps

Different examples of database management software?

1.)Different example of Database

What is an example of an external force?

An example of external force are gravity,wind,and earthquake are some examples of external force because external forces acts on a structure from the outside.Hope that helps!

Is the relational database an example of oracle database?

A relational database is a type of database design. Oracle is a brand of database. You can create a relational database using Oracle. You can also create relational databases using other database applications.

An example of a computerised database?


Give example of external and internal?

internal is in and external is out fertilisation

Where is the external located?

On the outside. For example, wasps have an external skeleton.

Example of database management system?

A large number of database management systems (DBMS) exist. For example: Oracle, MySQL, DB2.

What are the three basic steps to creating database?

The following are the basic steps of creating databaseFigure out why you need database-:This is the first step in creating database which decide reason for creating database example creating database for store dataSelect type of software which used for creating database example Microsoft access ,database oracle MySQL database.determine your field in data base this include column and low of the databasecreate a table for each portion of databasegroup your field into tableenter the data into your database.

Definition of database vendor?

a collection of data is supplied by the database vendor. example: Oracle

An example of paper database?

A card index (register) is an example of a paper database, as it provides a means to sort and retrieve data in a pre-arranged format. Another example of a paper database is a folder with A-Z register sheets. A diary can also be seen as a paper database, with a sort order by date.

Access is what type of computer database?

AnswerMicrosoft Access is a relational database that can run from it's own internal table structure, or link to a variety of external data sources

Describe the external level of the ansi sparc?

this is the user view of the database, where the customer interacts with the database through the help of graphical user interface (GUI) Benny Pah

Give an example of a database?

the yellow pages

What is an example of how a database can be queried?

In an inventory database, for example, a purchasing query could be done for all merchandise at or near the inventory minimum of the particular item.

What is an example of a financial measure that an external user might use?

what is an example of a financal measure that an external user might use

How can you contact database management for the database your work uses?

How you would contact your data management service would depend on how your database is set up. If you are a large company with your own internal database management team you would contact them directly. If you use an external provider for your database management service you would need to contact them externally.