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First, and most importantly social and cultural peer pressure tosucceed by graduating. Second, a lack of motivating forces to graduate because many high school students find high school mundane due to a lack of personalized systems, making any idea of college or higher education a unreasonabledecision.Third, a high physical work load placed on students by teachers and administrations to give a student a more challenging school experience. And finally a fourth problem could be a bad home life.

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Poverty is the main factor affecting our academic performance in Nigeria.i am one time a student of institute of management and technology(imt) enugu, but now am in east Europe to funder my study.

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Here are some problems students face at school.


The bullies in the Cartoons may sound pretty funny taking a kid's lunch money, but the bullying today is much worse. In order to stand up to bullying, ask a teacher for help.

Bad Grades

No one said getting great grades is easy. Sometimes you have to push yourself to get the best grades possible.

Absent? Again?

Manys schools have had a surge in absentee rates. Sickness or trips don't count.

Family Problems

A child may have their minds on their families while at school, which may alter grades and performance.

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Many factors can after a child's schoolwork, including parent who are going through a divorce. Kids who are bullied may also struggle with school work.

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bullying!!!!!!! any kind of bullying, verbal, physical, kids have a bad attitude towards learning and skip classes and disrespect the teachers and dont care

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Q: What are the factors that affect academic performance of students in schools?
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Most Nigerian Schools do not have conducive atmosphere for effective counselling most especially the public schools. it is therefore unfortunate that most of our students are not aware of the benefits of visiting the counselling room.

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There are some schools.

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