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Google Earth Plus was discontinued in 2008, but had such features as higher resolution and allowing consumer printing. It has been replaced by Google Earth Pro.

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Q: What are the features of Google Earth Plus?
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What are some advanced features of Google?

There are many advanced features of Google. Some of the advanced features of Google include GMail, Google Talk, Google Voice, and the social network called Google Plus.

Does it cost money to download Google earth?

No, Google Earth is free.You have to pay $400 only if you want to download and use the advanced features of Google Earth PRO.

What features does Google Earth for mobile offer?

The features of Google Earth for mobile users are seamless viewing, sharp imaging, zooming, 3D images, remembering previously viewed locations and topography pictures.

What do others think about Google?

Google has everything: from Angry Birds to Google Chrome (something like that). Google came before bing- which is a copycat to Google. This search engine (Google) is endless with information and features like: Google Docs, Google Chrome, Google notebook, Google Earth, Google Sketch-up, Google plus, Google Buzz, and more that is continous. So I rather choose glorious Google than boring bing.

Does Google Earth have any advanced features?

Earth had both basic and advanced features available to its users. For instance, you can download data to and from a GPS unit. There is also a Flight Simulator.

What does Google Plus Google equal?

Google Plus Google equals a social network (Google Plus) and search engine (Google).

How do you download new features for Google Earth?

There are countless sources of data to view in Google Earth. Best bet to going to the Google Earth Gallery, Google Earth Blog, or Google Earth Hacks. See everything from real-time earthquake feeds to tips using GE in stereo 3D. However, if you're interesting in customizing google earth in how it interacts with the user and data then try looking into the Google Earth API, which is a JavaScript API for Google Earth as a web-browser plugin. See related links section below.

Is it possible to view Google Earth in mobile?

Google Earth is available for Android and iPhone mobile phones. For iPhone or iPad you can visit the AppStore to download Google Earth. Google Earth for mobile is currently available on Android devices running Android OS 2.1 or newer. Note: Not all features are available on all devices. See mobile support for Google Earth (and Google Maps) in related links below.

How many megabytes does it use to download Google Earth?

Google Earth download is ~25MB on Mac and ~15Mb on Windows plus possibly 50-100Mb to download the initial layers and imagery. The installed Google Earth application is larger than the downloaded installer which on Windows is ~85MB (v6.0) -- this includes the Google Earth client and the Google Earth API/plugin.

Where can you download goolge earth for free?

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographic information program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D. It maps the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe. It is available under three different licenses: Google Earth, a free version with limited functionality; Google Earth Plus, which included additional features; and Google Earth Pro ($400 per year), which is intended for commercial use. You can download the free version from the link mentioned in the related links.

What are the features of the earth?

physical features of the earth

How do you download Google Earth Samung Galaxy y?

Google Earth for mobile is currently available on Android devices running Android OS 2.1 or newer. Note: Not all features are available on all devices.See mobile support for Google Earth in related links below.

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