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You can learn more about Google Docs' features, by taking the tour, below.

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How do you Drag and drop a pdf file to Google Docs?

Drag and drop features are not available in Google Docs for opening a file.

Which is better Google docs or PowerPoint?

Google docs is more convenient but PowerPoint's look better.Another AnswerThe Presentation tool's features of Google Docs gives you many of the same features and power of the Microsoft product, PowerPoint.Depending on what will best influence your audience, you can decide which to use for your presentation.

What is the difference between Microsoft Office and Google Docs?

Microsoft Office is a robust set of products with powerful features. Google Docs is less robust and its features are less powerful. Google documents are stored on the internet and they are accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Microsoft Office files are normally on a computer. Microsoft Office is software that you have to pay for and install on your computer. Google Docs is free and your only requirement is to set up a Google account. If you have a Gmail account, then you have access to Google Docs and other Google products. While Microsoft Office is more powerful, unless you require manuscript-publishing features, pivot-table functions, a rich mix of media in your presentations or database tools, Google Docs may be useful enough. Google Docs is continually improving and adding features that you would find in Microsoft Office and other similar products. You can access the Microsoft Office site to learn more about its exact features, and you can read more about Google Docs, below.

How do you get bullet points off of Google Docs?

Most features in Google Docs is binary, meaning that the feature is either 'on' or 'off'.To remove bullets:Select the text you wantClick the Bullet icon

What are the disadvantages of Google docs?

There may be language limitations to Google Docs, where more commercial products are widely available, worldwide, in native languages. Google Docs is not robust in the commercial sense of a set of robust office products. Complex, obscure, infrequently used features are generally not available. As well, if the Google Docs servers are 'down' for any reason, you may not be able to access the files you need.

When was Google Docs created?

Google Docs was created on 2006-03-09.

How much does Google docs cost?

Google docs is completely FREE

How do you undo the highlighter on Google Docs?

Most features in Google Docs operate using binary logic, meaning that the feature is either 'on' or 'off'. You can undo highlighting by selecting the highlighed material and clicking the Highlight button.

Which is better Google docs or openofficeorg?

'Better' is a judgment call, and your answer depends on the features and functionality you require for your project.

What is the difference between Google Docs and drive?

Not much, really. Google Drive is mostly just a small improvement over Google Docs (which was already pretty awesome). Some of the major new features they added were a downloadable application for managing your documents and new tools for sharing your documents. Also, you get a lot more storage than Google Docs had (5GB).

What are the advantages of Google docs?

The benifits of google docs is that is you do a survey (for example) as soon as the questions have been answered , google docs turns the results into graphs / charts.

How do you add sound to a Google Docs presentation?

Google Docs presentations do not offer this feature.

Does Google Docs run through the Internet?

Yes. It stores all your docs on the Google server

How do you change your color on Google Docs?

You cannot select your color in Google Docs. It is completely by chance.

How do you lie a time in Google Docs?

Whuts goggle docs?

How do you save something in Google docs?

Google Docs has an automatic save function. There is no need to manually save.

What do you click on to get a new slide in Google Docs?

In your Google Docs presentation, from the Slide menu, choose New Slide.

How can you put Cursor Mania on Google Docs?

Curson Mania is a software program that you download to your computer. Google Docs is not based on your computer; it runs on Google's computers. Cursor Mania and Google Docs are not compatible.

What are the uses of Google docs?

Google docs is very important feature of the Google. There you can create online doc's and open any where with use of your Login details.

Why are my Google Docs on Google Chrome not working?

Google Docs could not be working due to some Internet issue. You can always try and reinstall chrome.

How do you create separate pages on Google Docs?

You may be able to achieve the best results for separate pages by using Google Docs templates. Otherwise, you can work within Google Docs to choose a Page Setup that you want.

How do you upload something from Google Docs?

Your terminology, upload from, can be interpreted several ways: upload to, or download from.You can open some documents in Google Docs from your desktop (upload to):From within a Google Docs document, from File, choose Open..., choose the file you want to open and click Okay.You can download documents from Google docs (download from):From within a Google Docs document, from File, choose Download as... and choose the file format you want.

Does Google Docs have spreadsheets?


What is the link for Google docs?


How do you upload database to Google docs?

You can upload a database to Google Docs as a .TXT file. You will preserve the data, but you will lose the database structure.