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Q: What are the fees you have to pay when buying a car from a dealership?
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How much can car dealership charge for compliance fees?

As much as he wants and as much as you are willing to pay. Remember, you can always walk away.

Can a car be repossessed from a car dealership?

if the car dealership does not pay for the car in full or pay their bills then the car would most likely be repossessed

What stuff do you have to pay when you are going to get a new car at a dealership?

You will need to pay a down payment when you get a car at a new dealership.

Do you have to pay the dealership anything when you win a car?

Not the dealership, but you have to pay tax, tags and title.

If you live in Wisconsin and will be purchasing a car from a dealership in Illinois will you pay the taxes and fees there or when you get back to Wisconsin and register the car?

You should only pay the sales tax in the state it was purchased and the registration fee in the state it is registered.

Do you really lose thousands of dollars by buying a new car?

Yes, and you have to pay monthly or yearly fees depending on the Insurance company.

What are your options if you bought a used car in new car dealership got their financing and had an accident within 3 days of buying the car and no insurance?

You have to pay off the car. Unless there was a fault with the car that caused the accident, the dealership is home free. Surprising that they did not require collision insurance as part of the financing.

You are a Oregon resident buying a car in Washington Do you owe Washington sales tax?

No. However, be sure to have proof of Oregon residency (a drivers' license should do) when buying the car so the dealership can prove that you were not required to pay sales tax.

What fees or taxes do you have to pay when buying a car out of state?

you should have the dealer tag and title in your own state. there may be some minor fees associated with the state you purchase from, but they aren't ever very much and there is no actual penalty for buying out of state.

How do you get a pay off quote on a vehicle?

went to a car dealership where I bought a car because I had a accident the insurance pay off the car but the dealership will not give me my payoff --- Contact the loan company.

How does a buy here pay her car dealership finance their cars?

Depends on the car dealership in itself and where the lady signed the contract from

Do you pay destination charges on used cars?

A destination charge does not exist on used cars. A used car dealership that tries to include a destination charge is trying swindle the person buying the car out of their money.