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Q: What are the five largest oil importing countries to the US?
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Did OPEC give importing countries more control over the price of oil?

No. It gave oil exporting countries more control over prices.

Why is oil money increasing?

the price of oil is increasing because there is lacking of oil in countries so the country you stay is importing oil that is why the money is increasing.

What countries trade with Norway?

Norway sells oil to most oil importing countries and metal products to other countries, so all in all there must be very few countries that doesn't buy Norwegian products.

What are the five countries that produce the most oil?

the five countries that produce the most oil are: Australia, America, Brazil, china and Bulgaria.

The Middle Eastern countries are the largest exporters of?


How might pursian gulf be affected if oil-importing countries begin turning to alternate energy sources?

The Gulf countries would become very poor.

In what countries are the largest oil reserves?

See the related link.

How has oil been used as a weapon?

Oil is used to power tanks.It has been used several times as a political weapon, by refusing to export it or raising prices for certain importing countries.

What countries have a lot of oil?

According to government figures from 2015, the top-five biggest oil-producing countries were: Russia (which is the largest of all the oil producers-- by some accounts, Russia produces about 10,124,000 barrels per day); next is Saudi Arabia, then the United States, then China, and finally Iran.

What do the countries around the Persian Gulf have the largest of?

Amounts of buried oil.

Why was oil supplie important in the gulf war?

Iraq is one of the largest oil production countries in the world.

How does Japan make up for its lack of oil?

By importing large amounts of oil

What four countries have the largest oil deposits?

Venezuela has the world's largest oil reserves. It has 297,570 millions barrels of oil reserves. Second on the list is Saudi Arabia with 267,910 million Barrels.

What are Japan's major food imports?

they are first in the world at importing coal,liquefied gas and are second in the world at importing oil

Which countries have the largest oil reserves?

There are several countries that have very large oil reserves. They are Venezuela which accounts for 20 percent of global reserves, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

List of top 20 countries of crude oil production?

Nigeria is the largest oil producing in the world with her bad government.

The three countries with the largest oil reserves in the world are?


Which countries have the largest deposits of oil in southwest Asia today?

saudi arabia and iraq

Which four countries have the largest oil deposits in the world?

Russia, Iran, USA and Malaysia.

Which country does oil come from?

Oil comes from many countries, but the largest producers are Saudi Arabia ,Russia, Qatar, Kuwait and Iran.

What do the countries around the Persian gulf have the worlds' largest reserve of?

oil and gas reserves

What natural resource has played the largest role in the economies of the Persian Gulf countries?

Oil is the natural resource that played the largest role in the economies

What country is Canada's largest trading partner?

United States of America.The u.s.aThe U.S.A is Canada's largest trading partner and trades lumber oil and maple syrup. It also trades over 200, 000 dollars importing and exporting your welcome.

Where is oil in Latin America?

Most countries in Latin America have oil reserves of varying sizes. The largest can be found in Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela.

What are the five oil importing countries to the us?

There are no absolute five, but most of our oil comes from OPEC. (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) OPEC is made up of small middle-eastern countries that are small in size, and have few sources of external revenue other than oil. They export not only crude oil, but gasoline as well. It was OPEC in the 70s during Carter's term that made gasoline expensive. The US also gets oil from some of its own reserves, such as those in Texas, the West, Alaska, and some offshore drills in either the Gulf or off the coast of Alaska. The US government wishes to conserve US oil for as long as possible, however, and chooses to get most of its oil from outside sources. As of July 2005 the USA imports petroleum (including crude oil) from these top five exporting countries. (It also imports from 10 other countries, in smaller amounts) '''Country (Thousand Barrels per Day)''' * Canada (2,079) * Saudi Arabia (1,689) * Venezuela (1,623) * Mexico (1,593) * Nigeria (1,156) Source: Uisge