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the flavors are grape grape sour apple and grape

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Who made bubblicious chewing gum?

Bubblicious chewing gum was originally produced by Warner Lambert. Out of the 28 flavors that were produced only 18 are still around.

Does Kraft Foods make bubblicious bubble gum?

Yes, Kraft Foods Global, INC makes Bubblicious Bubble Gum.

Which bubble gum makes the biggest bubble bubblicious or stride?

Bubblicious because it's bigger

Who invented bubblicious the gum?

Thomas Adams

Is there any other gum besides Wrigles Freedent?

There's a ton of different types of gum. Here are some of them: Trident Hubba Bubba Bubblicious Five Chicklet Wrigleys Trebor Tride Extra And the list continues... Personally, my favorite is Trident. Then, Bubblicious. They both last a long time and have good flavors.

Which gum blow bigger bubbles bubblicious or dubble bubble?

Bubblicious gives you bigger bubbles on average.

Does type of gum effect elasticity?

the question is what gum has the most elastisty and the answer is the best, Bubblicious gum

What kind of gum keeps its flavor the longest Juicy Fruit Bubblicious or Hubba Bubba?

I personally think: bubblicious

Which type of gum blows the biggest bubble?

I think bubblicious is the best type of gum.

Who is the inventor of bubblicious chewing gum?

The inventor was Thomas Adams.

What are the ingredients used in bubblicious gum?

One of the ingredients in Bubblious bubble gum is a deadly sweetener called ASPARTAME also used in diet sodas & low fat yogurt.

How long does bubblicious gum last?

3 minutes and 50 seconds

How many flavors of gum is there?

There are alleged to be 188 different flavors of gum.

Which company claims its product is 'bubblicious'?

The American Chicle Division of Warner Lambert first developed the Bubble Gum called Bubblicious. The brand is now owned by Cadbury Adams, a division of Modelez International.

Which type of gum lasts longer Wrigley's spearmint or bubblicious?

Wrigley's spermint gum always lasts longer for me

When will bubblicious inkd gum come to tucson Arizona?

soon enough be patient

Which brand of gum last the longest trident layers or bubblicious?

Tropical twist

Was there a gum that had a liquid center called something burst?

Might it have been Bubblicious Burst

What is the most gum chewed at once?

17 packs of bubblicious gum was chewed by Charles Olwin in Africa. Thanks I could help. :)

What flavors are combined to create the winterfresh flavor which is used in gum and mints?

The worldwide well-known winterfresh flavor used in gum and mints contains menthol. What the other winterfresh flavors are remain disclosed by Wrigley's.

What happened to bubblicious orange sherbet gum?

The company discontinued it. I really wish they would bring it back

Which gum flavor last longer hubba bubba or bubblicious?

well i certainly guss bubblicious but if you are unsure and someone ask you that then just tell them the only way we know for sure if you just buy the gum have to people and just test it 2 or 3 times and that's how you would get your answer

What are all of the flavors of gum?

New flavors come out everyday, you couldn't name all the flavors. :D

What are the flavors used in Juicy Fruit gum?

The flavors used in Juicy Fruit gum are apple, orange, strawberry, cherry, and watermelon flavor. Edit! The real flavors are banana, pineapple, and peach. There is also a distinct hint of cloves in the gum, which can be most easily tasted after the gum has been left to sit in high heat for a length of time, such as in a locked car. It would seem that some of the other flavors don't hold up to the heat as well as the clove flavor does, so it becomes more apparent.

How many types of gum are there?

7There are two flavors of gum just playing

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