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Almost all english verbs that end in -ish are -ir verbs. But also include venir, devenir, remplir, etc.

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Q: What are the french ir verbs?
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Can you please Conjuguez 15 word that start with 'ir'?

it makes no sense to conjugue French verbs starting with 'ir'. But the second group of French verbs end with 'ir'. The standard model is 'finir'

What are some ir re and etre words in french?

verbs ending with -ir, -re and être is also a verb

Why does the French language have harder conjugations for 'ir' verbs than most other verbs?

It's just a built-in part of their language that is harder for those learning French to understand.

What is the rule for past participle in french?

Start with the infinitive: For er verbs, remove the er and add e with an accent ague / aller pp = alle' For ir verbs remove the ir and add i EX: mentir pp= menti; For re verbs remove the re and add u EX: entendre pp=entendu.

In spanish what are verbs ending in -AR-ER-IR called?

Regular Verbs

Are there any -car verbs in Spanish?

spanish verbs are either 'ir' 'er' or 'ar'

Are all french 3rd group verbs irregular?

Yes, the designation in the third group is on account of irregularities. However, while the first category is "er" verbs, and the second category is "ir" verbs, the third category is not all "re" verbs. A regular "re" verb is Vendre.

What are the verbs in first group in french?

the verbs of the first group in French are the verbs ending in "er" at the infinitive, which conjugue as "aimer" j'aime tu aimes il, elle aime nous aimons vous aimez ils, elles aiment verbs of the 2nd group are mostly those finishing by "ir" like "finir" the third group is made up the irregular verbs and those finishing by "re" like "prendre" or "perdre", by "oir" like "voir"

What does the french suffix re mean?

It's one of the French endings to some words. The endings change when the word is a masculine or feminine. The er, re and ir verbs are very confusing

The spanish ending for ellos?

In the present tense, it is -an for -ar verbs and -en for -er and -ir verbs.

What does the word Dormir mean in French?

The verb dormir means "to sleep" in French. Dormir is an irregular verb, meaning it has a different conjugation pattern from other verbs with the -ir ending in French. This verb has the same meaning in Spanish.

When you use the pronoun vous in French how does the verb end?

It depends on the verb and on the tense. There are third forms for verb - regular verbs finishing by -er - regular verbs finishing by - ir - The third form for all irregular verbs. (irregular verbs finishing by -ir and those finishing by - endre, -oitre, -oudre, -ettre, -aître, -uire, and much more) Conjugation in french is much harder than in English. Most of the time, when you use "vous" the verb is finishing by "- ez" at the present tense - iez imperfect - by utes at the pretérit - by "-rez" at the future