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What are the functions of vitamin A?

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There are diverse functions of vitamin A. Some of these benefits include cell growth, good vision, and a good immune system in the body.

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Which vitamin functions in forming a blood clot?

vitamin K

What are the main functions of vitamin E?

Main Functions Of Vitamin E The main functions of vitamin E are : 1. To protect red blood cells 2. To prevent damage of vitamin A and C 3. To heal skin damages 4.To provide defence

Which vitamin functions like a hormone?

Vitamin D functions like a hormone and controls body levels of calcium and phosphorus and the mineralization of bones

What is the purpose of a vitamin?

To Regulate The Functions Of Cells

Why people take vitamin E?

Vitamin E has various biological functions. They include enzymatic functions, gene expressions and other neurological functions. It acts as an antioxidant which stops the flow of free radicals through the tissue. Hence, people take vitamin E to maintain and improve bodily functions.

What are the functions of the antiscorbutic vitamin?

It prevents bleeding from gums .

Vitamin E what is it for?

Vitamin E is for the skin. It helps to keep your skin clean and smooth. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and aids in body functions.

What functions does Vitamin E serve in the body?

Vitamin E is best known for its antioxidant function. Other benefits include reducing the risks of diseases and promotes immune health. Vitamin E is also important in the working of neurological functions.

What vitamins are essential for blood-clotthing functions?

Vitamin K is commonly called the 'Blood-Clotting' vitamin.

What are the functions of vitamin c in the body system?

Strengthens your immunity.

What metabolic functions does the skin have?

synthesis of a vitamin D precursor

Why you have to take vitamin d?

because vitamin d contains lots of healthy vitamins which helps us to do many functions

What is the functions of vitamin d?

Skin tone and overall color balance.

What are the principal functions of vitamin D in the body?

regular growth for the most part

Which is the only known vitamin that has an amino acid that functions as a precursor in the body?


Functions of vitamin K?

the function of vitamin k is to help blood clot quickly when you cut your self, love a 13 year old girl.

What are the functions of the integumentary system?

The functions of the Integumentary system is that is serves to waterproof and protect your body, sensory, temperature regulation and vitamin D production

What are the health benefits of taking vitamin d supplements?

In humans, vitamin D is unique both because it functions as a prohormone and because the body can synthesize it when sun exposure is adequate. Its nickname is the sunshine vitamin.

What is the function source of vitamin k?

it helps in the clotting of blood and with many other functions.

How do you spell vitaman?

The correct spelling is vitamin (a chemical compoundessential to body functions)

How do vitamin shoppes benefit a persons health?

Vitamins are substances required for basic biological functions. Taking a vitamin supplement can provide the vitamins that are missing from a diet

What are the functions of vitamin E?

Vitamin E protects red blood cells and helps prevent destruction of vitamin A and C. Vitamin E is essential for cardiovascular health and for sex organ functioning. It also works to protect and mantain cells and organs in your body.

What are the functions of vitamin B in human body?

their function is just to repair worn out tissues in the body.

Functions of vitamin A is?

It is the precursor for the various photoreceptor chemicals used in both rod and cone cells.

What is the result of vitamins' deficiency?

It depends on the vitamin. Vitamins each have different specific functions.