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GPA, SAT or ACT scores. Also what classes you had in high school. It is different if you are transfering from a community college or just graduating from high school and what college it is.

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Q: What are the grade requirements to get into college?
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What are the entry requirements needed for a nursing diploma at Seneca College?

The entry requirements needed for a nursing diploma at Seneca College are: Grade 12 English, Grade 12 Physics or Chemistry, Grade 12 Mathematics, and Grade 11 Biology.

Can you still get accepted into college with a GPA of 2.6?

Yes, there are many colleges that have no grade requirements at all.

What were the college requirements 100 years ago?

you could get into any good college with a grade point average of just about 2 and a half.

What are education requirements for an electrician?

the requirements are to be in college for a week at least complete grade through 9th and have at least 1 proof of grade point average 1.4 nothing above everything under

Is London East Bank College an A grade college?

The London East Bank College entry requirements are 280 UCAS points or a pass in the Access to HE Diploma, a Grade C in GCSE (or equivalent) English and Math. Some specialist programmes (psychology, physiotherapy, computer games design: story development, engineering, and architecture) have higher requirements.

How tall do you have to be in sixth grade?

The only requirements for being in the sixth grade are: 1) passed the fifth grade; 2) meet age requirements. There are no height requirements for being in any grade at school.

What are the requirements for Dartmouth College?

You need at least 300 hours of community service and at the least a 3.5 GPA, grade point average.

What grade are you in college?

13th grade

What are the college requirements to become governor?

There are no requirements for a college education to be an elected governor.

What are the high school grade requirements to get into college?

It all depends on the collage. (I was a HS dropout and made it to collage - by way of the military & the GI Bill)

What are the requirements for free college in Georgia?

The requirements for free college in Georgia is through the Hope Scholarship. A graduate of a Hope eligible high school with a 3.0 using the Hope grade point average calculation is a requirement. The student must be a legal resident of Georgia.

Does 5 grade count for college?

it does 10 grade

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