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Continuing to work in a dusty environment will cause continued and worsening problems with Asthma. It can make him much more susceptible to colds, flu, and lots of other upper respiratory infections. The ideal choice would be to find another job in a cleaner atmosphere. If he can't or doesn't want to, or can't afford to, then he needs to wear breathing protection the whole time he is at work. That means a respirator with the appropriate filters, not a little clip-on mask. At the very least, he should wear one of those dust masks with a plastic frame that fits his face and covers both his nose and mouth. The respirator would be much better, because long-term exposure to very dusty environments causes some serious long-term lung problems. After work, he needs to shower as soon as possible, and put his work clothes into a plastic bag until he can put them into the washer. The dust on his clothes can also cause an asthma attack. It would be a good idea to change out of them on a porch or in a mud room, and not wear them into the house at all. If the Advair isn't helping enough, there are other preventatives that may be more effective, including one that is a pill. If he continues to use albuterol so frequently, that can have some negative effects too.

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Of course, it posts a great threaten to our lungs and respiratory system when we take too much dust in work. Thus you gain more chance to have lung disease and laryngitis. It is advised to have a general check if you have worked in a dusty workplace for a time. You can get more information in

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Q: What are the health risks from working around feed and grain dust with asthma?
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