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Q: What are the human resources in making a milky way candy bar?
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What is a Candy bar that is a spacey candy?

It is The Milky Way because it is named after the Milky Way Galaxy. Hope this helps!

Who made the milky way candy bar?

The milky way candy bar was made by Frank C. Mars

Which came first the Milky Way candy bar or the Milky Way?

the milky way

Was milky way candy bar made by mars candy company?

Milky way was distributed by Mars Snackfood US LLC

Where can you buy a milky way candy bar?

Click on the link below:You can buy a milky way candy bar at walmart, target, shopko, and anywhere else they sell candy.

What is your galaxy candy?

milky way

Are there peanuts in milky way candy?


Which candy bar is in outer space?

Milky Way

How do you use milky way in a sentence?

I like to eat a specific candy called, "milky way"

What candy is named after supernova?

The candy that is named after a supernova is the atomic fireball. Another is the starburst or the milky way.

What is the milky way named after?

the candy bar

What is the milky ways galaxy nickname?


What candy is named after your universe?

Milky way.

What candy is described by galaxy?

Milky Way

Does the milky way candy bar have anything to do with the name of the milky way galaxy?

No, they just named the galaxy the milky way because it's like....... well, a milky way.

What is Debby Ryan's favorite candy?

Debby ryan's fave candy is a milky way bar!

What candy bar is named galaxy?

milky way

Where was the Milky Way invented?

wat candy or planet

Why is there sodium in a Milky Way candy bar?

there is none

What candy bar is named after a galaxy?

the Milky Way

Famous candy known as your galaxy?


What is the highest selling candy bar?

milky way

What is Jason Aldeans favorite candy?

milky ways

What was the most popular candy in 1942?

milky way

What are space related candy names?

Milky Way!