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Montgomery County itself does not have laws on knives, but the State of Maryland does that county residents must obey.

To explain, in the United States, we have the type of governmental system such that you start at the top (the US Federal Government) and work your way down to state, then county, then city. When an upper level makes law, all smaller areas under it are subject to that law as well. But when an upper level has no laws on a matter, the next level down may choose to make laws on that matter, or not.

Getting to the heart of the matter, the knife laws of Maryland. The state has two laws that are applicable in the criminal code; Title 4-101 and 4-105.

To sum up in plain English, you many own any knife you wish. There are no laws that control what you may keep in your home. Title 4-105 does make it illegal to SELL switchblades, but the end-result of this law is that you will not find switchblades for sale in Maryland. You may still own them.

The knife carry laws are another matter. Title 4-101 only concerns itself with concealed carry of certain non-gun weapons. Basically, you can carry anything if it's openly carried: switchblades, butterfly knives, bowie knives, daggers, swords, machetes etc. are all technically legal to carry unconcealed and in plain site, so long as they are not used in a threatening manner nor with the intent to harm someone unlawfully.

If you want to carry a knife concealed, there are some guidelines to follow. Title 4-101 specifically declares that "penknives" are not weapons, and thereby are exempt from the law entirely. While the statute does not define "penknife," Maryland's highest court ruled in the 1970s that this word means "any knife with the blade folding into the handle, some very large." This encompasses all common folding knives, assisted opening knives, and butterfly knives. There is no length restriction whatsoever and anyone who tells you different is a liar. So binding was this decision that in 2002, a police officer who ignorantly arrested a man for a concealed folding knife was tried and convicted of False Arrest in federal court, and lost his badge as a result.

It is illegal to carry switchblades and daggers concealed. Regarding single-edged fixed-blade knives, it is actually rather vague. The law does not specifically say it is legal or illegal. Rather, court records show that it is a matter of circumstances under which a person is found having a knife. While a person caught trespassing or breaking into a house with a fixed blade knife may be convicted of carrying a concealed dangerous weapon, a person stopped for a traffic stop is often let go with a verbal warning or the charge dropped before trial. All things to consider.

One laar matter is that in certain counties, it is illegal for a minor (under 18) to be carrying a weapon such as a bowie knife, dagger, sword, etc. between 1 hour after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise. This applies in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Caroline County, Cecil County, Harford County, Kent County, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, St. Mary's County, Talbot County, Washington County, and Worcester County.

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Is it legal to carry a bowie knife and what are the laws regarding carrying a bowie knife in my car within easy reach in Maryland?


What are the knife laws in porter county INDIANA?

I can't find any laws that pertain solely to Porter County in terms of knife laws, that means there are no additional knife laws for the county beyond state laws. Indiana is one of the most lenient states in terms of knife laws. There are viturally no laws regarding knives except to forbid knives on school grounds. Ballistic knives are still illegal, of course. But ballistic knives are considered illegally manufactured firearms rather than knives. Throwing stars are illegal as well.

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What are the knife laws in Arizona?

All local city and county knife laws were pre-empted by Senate Bill 1153 which was signed into Law on 4/28/10. Local municipalities cannot make knife laws, only the State can. There is no specific length limitation. A person cannot carry a concealed knife or weapon, except a pocket knife, manufactured and used for the purpose of offense and defense.

Can you carry a knife 3 in or less in Maryland?

You can carry knives of any length in Maryland, even if more than three inches. The three inch limit is a myth. In Mackall v State of Maryland in 1978, the highest court in Maryland ruled that "penknives" (which are exempt from weapon laws in the state) include any knife that folds into the handle, no matter how large they are. While some police officers mistakenly believe in the three inch rule, they risk federal prosecution for false arrest should they try to arrest anyone because their pocket knife is "too big." A Clark County officer lost his badge due to this in 2002.

What are summit county Ohio knife laws?

2.5 inch max. No autos, no balis

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There are a few, about three or four, state which mandate that a landlord must accept section 8 vouchers. It is unclear whether Montgomery County or any other part of Pennsylvania is one of those states. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and parts of New York have such laws. Basically you will have to check with Montgomery County in Pennsylvania to see if they have such a law.

What are the knife laws for the state of Ohio Cuyahoga county?

Blade must be 2.5 inches or shorter-the length of a Police Officers badge

What is the knife laws in Arizona?

There is no such thing as an illegal knife in AZ. Basically, there are no knife laws except for a preemptive law that forbids municipalities from making knife laws. This means, you needn't worry about city ordinances, either.

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Who makes the laws for the state of Maryland?

The laws for the state of Maryland are made by the State Congress in Maryland. This is true in all states.

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Who makes the law for Maryland state?

The Maryland state legislature makes the laws for Maryland. The governor of Maryland has veto power. The Maryland state court system can interpret and strike down the laws.

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There are no knife laws in AZ except one that prohibits municipalities from making knife laws. There is no such thing as an illegal knife in AZ.

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There are no knife laws in NH

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People were compelled to listen to the laws of colonial Maryland.

Can a felon not on probation carry a pocket knife?

Knife laws vary by state. You will need to check the laws of the state you plan to be in.

What are the knife laws in the state of Ohio lorain county?

Ohio has very relaxed knife laws. None restricting length, but the law is amended city to city depending on local laws. Most not accepting any knives longer than 2.5 inches to be carried concealed. Any assisted-opening knives are outlawed in general in the state

What are the knife laws of Louisiana for fixed blade knives?

5 inch knife

What is the Leash Law For Dogs In Maryland?

The state does not have leash laws. However, many counties do require that dogs outside the confines of their owner's property be leashed. For example Montgomery, Calvert and Hartford Counties. Often the term "at large" is used in legal jargon for a dog walking around off leash (even when the owner is nearby). Check local county and city laws for details in your area.

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laws to follow

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Is there a stand off distance along a property line between two single family homes for a fence to be installed, if one of the two homeowners does not care to have the fence installed and does not want to split the cost of having the fence installed? JR McCulloch (301) 903-6721

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Can a knife be carried for self defense in Louisiana?

In most states it is not illegal to carry a knife, as long as it is not a knife that is not illegal to carry in public (such as a switchblade knife, butterfly knife, or fixed blade knife). Also a knife should not be concealed, and its blade should not exceed three inches in length. But you should research the relevant laws in your state, as many states laws vary slightly, and sometimes greatly.

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