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What are the largest hospitals in the US?

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The top five hospitals are New York Presbyterian Hospital, Florida Hospital in Orlando, Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, and UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh.

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What are the Us largest hospitals?

it is john Hopkins and us army hospital

What is the largest health care provider in the US?

The largest healthcare provider in the US is the Veteran's Administration, which maintains 1,384 hospitals and clinics.

What types of hospitals are there in the US?

proprietary (for-profit) hospitals; nonprofit hospitals; and charity- or government-supported hospitals.

How many hospitals in the US?

7,569 Hospitals nationwide. These hospitals employ 5.1 million people.

3 What are the sources of revenue received by hospitals?

Medicare, Medicaid and private payers are the largest source of revenue for hospitals.

What was the name of the largest cemetery in Richmond during the US Civil War?

The name of the largest cemetery in Richmond during the US Civil War was Hollywood cemetery. The number of buried soldiers there was high in that it was located near the largest military hospital in Richmond. The death rates in hospitals were high due to the lack of antibiotics.

Map of all shriners hospitals in US?

The related link has a map and names of the Shriners Hospitals.

What are some hospitals in Minnesota?

The largest hospital in Minnesota is the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, MN. It is the second largest employer in the state. See related links for information about Minnesota hospitals affiliated with the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA).

How many hospitals in United States?

How many hospitals in the United States? Answer: According to the AHA there are approx 5,815 Registered Hospitals in the US. 5,010 Community Hospitals 213 Federal Government Hospitals 447 Non Federal Psychiatric Hospitals 129 Non Federal Long Term Care Hospitals 16 Hospitals of Institutions(Prisons Hospitals, Collage Infirmaries etc...).

Does every hospital in the US have research?

No, there are many hospitals in the US that do not have research.

What are the nurses that deliver babies in the hospitals called?

certified nurse midwives delivery babies in US hospitals

Largest military hospital in the us?

The largest military hospital in the United States is San Antonio Military Medical Center. San Antonio military hospital is one of the only military hospitals in the United States that has a level 1 trauma center.

Are medical residency programs at hospitals?

Yes, you will practice various clinical rotations in US Hospitals as a part of your residency.

Is jacksonville the largest us city?

By population, Jacksonville is the 11th largest city in the US. By area, Jacksonville is the 5th largest city in the US, but is the largest in the Contiguous US (the four largest belong to Alaska).

Is the US the worlds largest importer and exporter?

The US is the largest importer China is the largest exporter then Germany then the US

Do hospitals have morgues?

Yes, most all hospitals do have a storage facility to temporarily store the bodies of those that die within the hospital. Except for the very largest teaching hospitals they are not very big, most being the size of a walk-in refrigerator.

What is the largest stae in the US?

Largest state in the US is Alaska.

What is largest state in the US?

The largest state in the US is Alaska

What is the largest state capital in the us?

Phoenix, Arizona is the largest state capital in the US. It is the sixth largest city in the US.

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