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No employer can descriminate against a woman for being pregnant, however, they must allow 6 weeks leave when the baby is born (paid, I believe).

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Q: What are the laws about hiring a pregnant female in Arizona?
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Do Arizona labor laws allowing the hiring of illegal immigrants?

Federal and state labor laws do not concern immigration. Illegals immigrants are not eligible for employment and matters involving illegals are to be handled by INS. This is how it works on paper, not how it works in reality.

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Who makes the laws in Arizona?

The Arizona State legislature.

how do the labor laws in Arizona differ from those in other states?

The labor laws in Arizona are in line with most of the country. Arizona has a great climate but the economy has suffered lately.

What are the Arizona bankruptcy laws?

The Arizona bankruptcy laws are too long and complex to include in this answer. One can find the complete information at the website for the US Courts Arizona District or at the site called Arizona Bankruptcy Law.

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Arizona has no laws about dating. The laws are about sexual contact between them.

What are the extradition laws between Arizona and Texas?


What will happen if a 70 year old male gets a 16 year old female pregnant?

He could be in trouble depending on the local laws. other then that nothing.

Are there laws for pregnant teens in Oklahoma regarding emancipation?

No there are not any laws that would allow a pregnant teen to get emancipated in Oklahoma.

What are the emancipation laws in Arizona?

There is no emancipation status in this state.

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no no

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Here is the link to different parts of Arizona cities. this should help you out

If you live in Missouri can you collect unemployment benefits from Arizona?

Only if you qualified for work performed under Arizona laws and complied with those laws regarding living in another state.

What are the emancipation laws for California when your pregnant?

You are not emancipated because you are pregnant in any state.

Are there laws for pregnant teens in Ohio regarding emancipation?

There are no emancipation laws in Ohio.

If you ran away with your 20 year old fiance and in a safe environment and two months pregnant can the law do something about it?

The most important part of this question is missing... how old is the pregnant female? If she is an adult, no, they cannot. If underage........ how old? It depends on the state laws.

If pregnant what age can you leave?

If you live in the US… Being pregnant does not give you any 'adult rights'. Pregnant or not, the laws are the same.

What are the powers of the Arizona legislative branch?

The power of the Arizona Legislative Branch is similar to all legislative branches. Since the state Constitution was adopted, the Arizona Legislature makes laws for the state. In passing laws, the legislature also provides protection, services, and aid to the state.

What are the Child labor laws in Arizona?

15-16 years old

Repossesion laws in Arizona?

30days by state law, answer from a repo man

Does walmart hire at 14 in Wichita KS?

No, you have to be 16. Child labor laws prevent hiring at 14.

Can a 17 year old leave her house when pregnant?

The laws for emancipation vary between states, however, just being pregnant does not alter any existing laws. In other words, no special status is given to a teenager just because she is pregnant ... the laws still apply to you or anyone else.

What are the felony laws in the state of Arizona?

You're looking for Arizona Title 13 - Criminal Law

Can you own a handgun on unsupervised probation in Arizona?

It depends on several factors. You should check with a local attorney versed in Arizona gun laws.