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Q: What are the layers of the sun from the inside out are?
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What are the layers of the sun from inside out and what are their densities?

core, radioactive zone, convection zone

What are the three layers on the Sun?

There are actually 5 layers. Going from the inside out they are: Thermonuclear Core, Radiative Zone, Convective Zone, Photosphere, and the Chromosphere.

How many layers the sun have?

It has 6 layers which are, from inside towards the surface:-CoreRadiative zoneConvective zonePhotosphereChromosphereCoronaIt also has features which appear in its outer layers:SunspotGranulesProminences

How are astronomers able to explore the layers of the sun?

The outer layers can be seen directly; the inner layers can't, to a great extent (though neutrinos from the nuclear reactions get out immediately, and can be observed). Much of what happens inside the Sun is deduction, from what is known about how matter behaves.

What are the sun's layers?

the outside

Is the sun made of 5 layers?

That depends how you choose to count the layers. You can find details about the individual layers in the Wikipedia article about the Sun, among other places.

Is the sun one homogeneous bunch of gas or are there layers?

There are "layers" and there is a structure.

Does the temperature in the layers of the sun's atmosphere evenly distributed?

The sun does not have an atmosphere. In the earth, the temperature in the different layers is not evenly distributed.

What are the four main layers of the sun?

the four main layers of the sun are: - corona - chromosphere - photosphere - sunspots (^_^) hope I answered it correctly..

Why are there different layers of the sun?

The sun has an extremely powerful gravitational field, and as a result, denser materials tend to fall to the lower layers.

How do these layers of the flame compare to those of the sun?

because the sun is beuatiful

How many layers are there in a sun?

Nine, if you include the minor layers, See related question.