What are the legal obligations for a family that re-homes an internationally adopted child with another family under temporary custody with intention to adopt and the new family changes their mind?

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If you're 17 and your mother is unable to care for you and you move from your father's house how can you be adopted legally into another family?

Answer . \nBefore any child can be adopted the biological parents must relinquish parental rights pursuant to the laws of the state in which they reside. Once the court accepts the petition and terminates the biological parents rights, the person's wishing to adopt the minor child can begin the a ( Full Answer )

How could a child move in with another family legally?

Answer . \nThe law allows a parent(s) to give temporary custody (3 months or less) to a family relative or qualified adult caregiver. The parent(s) must give written notarized permission for the child/children to reside with the other person(s).\n. \nThis authorization should include all issues ( Full Answer )

How do you adopt a child who is a member of your family?

In the case of a kinship adoption, which is generally done with the consent of the parties, you should contact an attorney who specializes in adoptions. States have various laws regarding adoptions and there may be social services involvement such as evaluations and in some states, the adoptive pare ( Full Answer )

How can a person adopt a child from another family?

they would have to signall parental right over to you and you will need to get a lawyer to do set this up and do it for you, but it depends on your situation and the state your in to.

Can you rename babies when a new family adopts them in the sims 2?

Answer . no you can't unless you use a cheat.. press the buttons. ctrl shift and then the letter c at once and then type in:. boolprop testingcheatsenabled true . and hold down the shift button when clicking on the baby and go from there.... Answer . no you can't unless you use a cheat ( Full Answer )

Can a military family adopt?

Yes you can adopt if you are a military family, that does not stop you from adopting at all

Can an adopted child get married to a member of their adopted family?

As adopted the adoptive family becomes like your biological one so you can not marry the immediate family since that would legally be incest, but many states and countries allow marriage between cousins. If the adoption is reverted you can marry whoever you want.

Can you be adopted if no one loves you in your family?

i think yes cause the person who doesnt love you in your family can be adopted by another person in your family or you can sell them and they can pay like 800 dollars cause they might be a poor family any who try to know what to do im kinda confused okay bye

Once family adopts can biological parents change mind?

Answer: An adoption is not allowed until rights of the child have been signed away and then there is usually a 10 to 30 day period the natural parents can change their minds no because that would be bad parenting and that would be cruel newtest3

If you leave your parents can you get adopted by another family?

In order for you to be adopted your parents have to give up their parental rights to the state. First then are you up for adoption. It's really hard for older kids to be adopted though. There is already about 500.000 children waiting in the US.

Was anyone in the Cyrus family adopted?

It's hard to work out Tish and billy ray Cyrus broke up. Miley Cyrus is their biological daughter. Noah Cyrus is Miley Cyrus sister so is Braison. Brandi is from a different relationship with Miley's dad so is Trace No, Miley Cyrus is her father's actual daughter Tish is her stepmom and trace i ( Full Answer )

How can a friend adopt you from a good family?

They will have to hire a lawyer to navigate the system. If you parents are still living they will have to agree to hand over custody or go to court to contest the adoption.

What does adoptive family mean?

After adopting a child, the family that adopted is known as the child's "adoptive family." This term is usually only used to describe the legal relationship- it is not commonly used in a social setting. The biological parents of that child are generally referred to as the "birthparents," and any ( Full Answer )

What is adoptive family?

an adoptive family is a family that adopts a child or children of they or same gender or if their spouse can not conceive

Can a parsi family adopt a parsi child?

Of course - not sure why this question arise in the first place. A caring parent needs a child and the child looks upon someone for support - the parent. Then where is there room for any doubt. As regards the religion of the child or the parent as long as they are of the same faith nothing can stop ( Full Answer )

How do you adopt a child on virtual families?

Adoption is random and it is rare to adopt. But if you're lucky, a baby will appear on your doorstep. For my sister, the neighbors had a baby appear on their doorstep and they didn't want it so my sister got to keep it, but you do have a choice to keep the baby or not. Some people must wait ( Full Answer )

How do you adopts child in virtual families?

I don't think you can adopt a child..... But sometimes a little messege will pop up on your screen and say that there is a little kid that knocked on your door and you can adopt it into your familey on not. Maybe you will get lucky and it will happen to you to! It already happened to me 2 times!!

What is adopted family?

An adopted family is a family that is not a family by berth but a family that has legally said they will take care of you and accept you as a family member.

How can you get adopted from a dumb family?

If I'm reading this right, your family is 'dumb', and you want to be adopted into another family. Go to Family Court, and prove that your family cannot care for you.

Can you adopt a child that is already in a family in Sims 3?

Sadly, I'm pretty sure that if a child already has another family, you cannot adopt it. There is a way that you can add that child, or anyone really, to your household. You can enter "testingcheatsenabled true" into the cheat code menu (cntrl+c), then, you simply hold down the shift key and click on ( Full Answer )

How are the adoption of a child and the addition of a child to a foster family similar?

From personal experience I can tell you that adopting a child is incredibly rewarding, and can make a family feel complete, but more importantly it gives the child a sense of belonging, and with joining a foster family it can feel like work b/c you never know for how long your going to be staying wi ( Full Answer )

How do you adopt a kid on virtual families?

The kid will knock on your door and it will say "Your character hears a soft knock on the door and it appears to be an abandoned child" Would You Like To Adopt it? Click YES and you will have an adopted kid. (all adopted kids are 3 years old).

Am 14 an adopted can you get adopted by another family?

As a prospective adoptive parent, who has taken all the classes and done all the research, I will answer this as best as I can. The short answer is, no. If when you were adopted your birth parents DID in fact sign a paper relinquishing their rights to act as your parents, and your adoptive parents t ( Full Answer )

Am adopted an cant get along with your adoptive family can you get readopted?

Yes, it is possible to get re-adopted. If the child faces problems, abuse, privacy being invaded, rights not being met they can protest and get their social service worker to either fix the problem or send them back in foster care to get adopted. Often when these problems occur, family counseling ( Full Answer )

Are there family law attorneys who specialize in adoption?

Yes, there are family law attornies that specialize in adoption. It is often best to ask friends and family for a referal. The next step would be to make appointments with the lawyers to see which one best suites your needs.

What do you do if you were adopted into a family you didnt want to be in?

I don't know how long ago the adoption was but it takes about 2 years until you all start to feel like a family so be patient. They are your parents now and depending on where you live are you not allowed to choose until you are 18 years old. I would imagine you were very little when adopted since t ( Full Answer )

When adopted can you leave your adopted family at 16?

Being adopted dose not make it any different then being with your biological parents. They are your legal guardians so whatever laws apply to non adopted children applies to you. So wherever you are, find out what age you can legally be on your own and then proceed from there. I do believe 16 sounds ( Full Answer )

How do adopted children feel when there adopted family has a child of their own?

I have no speciality in this area of the law, although I dare mention that my wife is a family lawyer who specialises in family law and in particular child-care law. She is not here right now however, so I cannot seek her opinion or advice. Strictly speaking though this question is not a legal qu ( Full Answer )

How can you be adopted by a millionare family?

Unless they choose you there is no way. And for you to be adopted your parents must have given up their parental rights and put you up for adoption. Most couples wants babies though or at least toddlers. Teens rarely get adopted. If you are an adult you must first have a bond with the adoptive paren ( Full Answer )

Can a mother change her mind and let family member have the child?

A mother cannot give her child away. She can consent to a guardianship (or an adoption) whereby some other responsible adult would petition the probate court to be appointed the child's legal guardian. The child's father must also consent. If he doesn't consent or is not available, the court would c ( Full Answer )