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What are the limitations of intelligence quotient?

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IQ is SUPPOSED to be (mental age)/(chronological age) *100, meaning that if you have the intellect of a 20 year old and you're only 10, you have an IQ of 200. That's the intent, but what does "mental age" mean. The reality is, an IQ is just a test. People who do well on tests seem to do better at taking an IQ test. How do you objectively measure a persons ability? If a person has an ability that is significantly above average and is able to answer all questions regarding that subject correctly, the test is invalidated. In other words, IQ tests are just attempts of psychologists to measure ability, and they do so using what they perceive to be the best questions. But in the end, it's just their perceptions that determine the "best" questions.

2009-10-18 18:10:11
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What does IQ mean?

Intelligence QuotientIntelligence Quotient

What does IQ stands for as in IQ Test?

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient but initially came from the German Intelligenz-Quotient created by German psychologist William Stern.Intelligence QuotientIntellegence QuotientI believe it stands for intelligence quotient.IQ = intelligence quotient

What does the Q mean in IQ?

(Intelligence) Quotient

How is intelligence measures?

Intelligence quotient (IQ)

The best way to abbreviate the plural of Intelligence Quotient?

IQs is the abbreviated plural of Intelligence Quotient

What does IQ mean in intelligence testing?

Intelligence Quotient

What is the IQ?

Intelligence quotient.

What is difference between intelligence quotient and emotional qoutient?

Intelligence quotient is a attribute in which the level of intelligence a person is able to use. The same applied to emotions becomes the latter.

What does IQ stands for?

Intelligence quotient

What is meant by IQ?

Intelligence Quotient

What means IQ?

Intelligence Quotient

What does you I Q stand for?

Intelligence Quotient

What is deviation IQ?

Intelligence quotient

What means by IQ?

Intelligence Quotient

How do you measure someone's intelligence?

Use an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test.

Limitations of artificial intelligence?

there is no there is no

What dooes IQ stand for?

Intelligence Quotient.

What do you mean by IQ?

this means that intelligence quotient

What 's IQ?

Intelligence Quotient

What is the full form of IQ?

Intelligence Quotient

What does the acronym IQ represent?

intelligence quotient

What is the abbreviation IQ used for?

Intelligence Quotient

What is the different between IQ and EQ?

IQ stands for Intellectual Quotient and measures "intelligence." EQ stands for Emotional Quotient and measures "emotional intelligence."

What score indicates how one individual compares to others on an intelligence test?

Intelligence quotient

If l stands for Intelligence what does and Q stand for in and lQ?

IQ is short for intelligence quotient.