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Q: What are the locations of the farmers home administration?
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When was Farmers Home Administration created?

Farmers Home Administration was created in 1946.

Where can you find a local farmers home administration?


What was the FHA?

The FHA stands for the Farmers Home administration, originally the Farmers Security Administration. It serves poor farmers. And is still continuing helping them today. :)

Can FHA help with home repairs?

What can the farmers home administration do to help persons with low income to repair their home.

How does the Farmers Home Administration operate?

The applications are reviewed and approved by a local committee that is composed of three people, at least two of which must be farmers. The money for the loans and grants made by the administration come from appropriations from Congress

How do you find farmers home administration?

I own a FMHA home. You can find available homes at the United States Department of Agriculture link provided below.

Where can you find a phone number for Farmers Home Administration customer service?

what is the phone number for Farmer's Home Administration? I need the phone number of local office of san german, puerto rico my e - mail is

Who benefited from Farm Security Administration?


What kinds of loans are made by the Farmers Home Administration?

include operating loans to small family farmers who cannot get the credit needed to make improvements and adjustments needed for successful farming, recreation, and nonfarm enterprises.

Did the Agricultural Adjustment Administration paid farmers for not growing crops and this program pleased all farmers?


Which New Deal agency was most effective in aiding farmers during the Depression?

the agricultural adjustment administration

How did the agricultural adjustment administration try to help farmers?

buying farm surpluses