What are the long term effects of lack of excerise in detail?


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Well, the first thing that comes to mind is obesity. Then heart problems. High Cholesterol.


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Long term effects of Vicodin in the elderly include dependence and lack of resolution to pain issues. Other effects include liver damage and organ failure.

One of the long term effects is kidney stones which form due to lack of water then begin hardening

Malnutrition, lack of energy, reduced immune system

lack of confidence, you will always give up , gaining more wieght

Virtually every detail of the moon's internal tectonic or lunalogical activity, as well as any long-term evolution of its surface features, no matter how small, is identical to the corresponding detail of the moon.

One of the long term effects of constantly burning the mouth with hot food is the destruction of the taste buds. There will be lack of sensation and diminished sense of taste.

possible hallucinations loss of sense of reality distortion of perception

It is important for people to exercise when they can. If they do not they can become obese, they can lose muscle mass, and become weak.

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Some short-term effects of pneumonia include high fever and lack of appetite. Children who have pneumonia may develop loose stool. Some long-term effects of pneumonia include weakened lungs and death.

Some effects are irritibility, lack of focus and increased life stress, if it becomes chronic there may be long term effects on your heart, eyes, brain, and even digestive system.

Short term effects can be a lack of interest, slow and shallow breathing, nausea and constipation. Also you can suffer from light headaches and a temporary sense of well-being. Long term effects are liver damage, addiction and muscle rigidity.

Short term:obesitylack of energydepressionlack of motivationanxietyLong term:DiabetesCardiovascular diseaseosteoporosishigh blood pressuremortalitylipid disorderskidney stonescolon cancer

Given the recent discovering of Salvia Divinorum and the lack of knowledge of its long-term effects, is recommended not to use Salvia while pregnant.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause breathing problems, brain damage (due lack of oxygen) and even death.

Lack of motivation, weight gain and short term memory loss. But, this could be a chicken and the eggs sort of situation.

Short term: Lack of energy, feeling run-down, feeling breathless. Long term: Heart disease,heart attack, diabetes, death.

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the long-term effects of SSRIs are unknown

There are no known long-term effects.

Lack of physical exercise can result in loss of: muscle mass, bone density, flexibility, energy level, mood, immune system, and heart health. It can also cause muscle atrophy and weight gain.

Lack of sleep, lack of appetite, mood swings, the urge to smoke just to replace a joint smoke. After the first week as long as u get into a normal sleeping pattern and eating at breakfast dinner and lunch then you will be fine. J

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