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What are the long term results for the Iraq war?

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Loss of troops, prevention of Iran Russia nuclear relations. Democracy in Iraqi Government. Radical Islam will simmer down, And most of all elimination of Al Qaeda terrorsts and prevention of another terrorist attack like 9/11.

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What were the long-term results of the rebellion in lower Canada in 1837?

What were the long-term results of the war?

What are the long term causes for the war in Iraq?

Answer 1Israel and their allies.Answer 2The primary long-term of the Iraq War was the difficulty in US-Iraqi relations that came out of the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991. The United States government became completely distrustful of Saddam Hussein after that. Israel has nothing to do with the Iraq War.

What decision did the President George HW Bush make about the Gulf war in Iraq?

avoid long-term involvement In Iraq. ♥

What decision did President George H.W. Bush make about the Gulf War in Iraq?

to avoid long-term involvement in Iraq

What were the long term results of the Vietnam war?

Not a Good Answer

What are the long-term results of the bomb dropping in japan?

The cold war.

What were the results of the desert storm war in Iraq?

they all died

Has Iran been in a war?

Yes. Most recently, it fought Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988. It is also engaged in a long-term proxy war with Israel, resulting the assassinations of Iranian scientists and Israeli diplomats and the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah War.

What are the results of the Iraq War?

I think it is homelessness, no food and water, dieing, and no electricity.

What is one reason that President George HW Bush wanted to avoid a long-term war in Iraq?

A long-term war would be costly in men and materiel, would de-stabilize the region and probably be opposed by the American people .

How long has the US been at war with Iraq?

The March 20, 2003 invasion of Iraq marked the start of the conflict known as the Iraq War. This war lasted until August 31, 2010.

Why is the war in Iraq there?

The War in Iraq is in Iraq is a tautology. The reason it is called the Iraq War is specifically because it is in Iraq.

How long is the Iraq war?

it lasted 11 yrs

What were the causes and results of the First Gulf War in 1991?

Well, the "First Gulf War" was the only Gulf War. What is going on now in Iraq and Afghanistan has very little to do with the Persian Gulf as a strategic necessity. To answer the question, the causes were the British exclusion of Kuwait when the country of Iraq was formed after World War 1, and the power vacuum created by the ending of the Cold War. Sadaam Hussein saw an opportunity to annex Kuwait in 1990 and create an Arab alliance in the Mideast, but other Arab countries did not go for it. The threat to the Persian Gulf oil suppy led to the formation of the Gulf Coalition, and Iraq was ejected from Kuwait in 1991. The long-term results of the war were a continued Western military presence in the Persian Gulf region, and the removal of Iraq as a threat to Persian Gulf oil exportation.

How long has the Iraq war been going on?

The Iraq War began in 2003 and ended in 2011. The Insurgency in Iraq began in 2005 and continues to this day. (The difference in terminology is that the Iraq War was foreign powers fighting in Iraq to secure the country and the Insurgency is the Iraqi Government fighting in Iraq to secure the country.

What is the name of the war Iraq and US is in?

It is known as :The Iraq War,The Second Gulf WarOccupation of IraqWar in Iraq,In Iraq is is known as the 2nd American Gulf War.

How long have the US troops been fighting in Iraq?

The second war with Iraq started March of 2003.

What are the gulf war short term effects?

For the first war, the short term effect was the ongoing tension between Iraq and Kuwait over Kuwait's oil fields. Another short term effect was when Iraq invaded Kuwait to take over their oil supply.

How does the Iraq war affect us economy?

The Iraq war affects the US economy directly and will have ling term effects. The money is mostly spent to end combat and restore peace in Iraq at the expense of the US economy.

How long did war in Iraq last?

2003 to 2011 dec

How long did the war lasted with irac?

it lasted about 50 or 90 years that's how long the Iraq war lasted

What is the name of the war in Iraq?

the Iraq war

What was the name of the war with Iraq?

Iraq war

What impact has the Iraq War had on humanity?

the price of oil rises and as a results , the prices of all the things increases

What type of music do Iraq people listen to?

stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please stop the war in Iraq please