What are the lyrics to Don't Call Me a ballad on Bawdy Songs And Backroom Ballads Volume 4 by Oscar Brand?

Call out the members of the Queen's marine Call out the Kings artillery Call out me mother, my sister and me brother But for God's sakes, don't call me. Now, I don't want to be a soldier. I don't want to be a man of fires. (?) I just want to go down to old Soho Pinching all the girlies in the shoulder blades. I don't need no foreign women While London's full of girls I've never had. I just want to stay in Eng-a-land, Jolly, jolly Eng-a-land Following the footsteps of me dad. (Gor bli-me) Call out the members ----- Now, Monday night me hand was on her ankle. On Tuesday night my hand was on her knee. Wednesday night success, I lifted up her dress Thursday night I lifted up her silk chemise Friday night I got me hand upon it. Saturday night I give it just a twitch. Sunday after supper, I finally got it up 'er And now I'm paying seven bob a week. (Gor bli-me) Call out the members ----- Now, I don't want to join the Navy. I don't want to go to war. I just want to 'ang around Piccadilly Underground Livin' on the earnings of an 'igh class lady. I don't want a bullet in me backside And I don't want my knuckles shot away I want to stay in Eng-a-land Jolly, jolly Eng-a-land And fornicate my blooming life away. (Gor bli-me) Call out the members -----