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To find the lyrics to the song you could go to and type in 'pat monahan her eyes lyrics' and it will give you links to websites with the lyrics.

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Who wrote song lyrics we are young?

Pat Benatar-Love is a Battlefeild.

What is pat monahans address?

He currently resides in Seattle, Washington and San Francisco, California. :)

What was Pat Monahans most important accomplishment?

becoming lead vocalist of train!! :) thagirlyoulove

Which Three Six Mafia song says makers mark in the lyrics?

Roll With It Feat. Project Pat

What 80's song has ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh in the lyrics?

The ooh ooh song-Pat Benatar

What 1980's song has the lyrics ooh ooh ooh la la la?

pat benatar

Who wrote the song Wagon Wheel?

Bob Dylan wrote the song to begin with but never finished it. I was an outtake for Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. OLD CROW received credit for finishing the lyrics.

What has the author Pat Boyle written?

Pat Boyle has written: 'Late eyes'

Lyrics-im the one who wants to be with you deep inside i hope you feel it too?

WESTLIFE LYRICS - To Be With You;)-nicoleTo Be With You was actually written and popularized by a band named Mr.Big which contains Paul Gilbert, Pat Torpey, Billy Sheehan and Eric Martin. Westlife just covered the song.

What genre is the song Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar?

Pat Benatar is considered a rock and roll singer, and the song "Heartbreaker" fits in that categary since it is a rock and roll song. It was one of Pat Benatar's biggest hits of her career.

What is a Pat Boone song of 1957?

The song is Love Letter In The Sand

What is the song there for you by flyleaf about?

Pat Seals (Flyleaf bassist) wrote the song. Probably he was referring to a family member or close friend. Some people say he might've written it about God, but I don't think the lyrics "I wanna be there for you, someone you can come to" fit that explanation very well.

What is the clear pat of the eyes called?

the outer eye is called the cornea

In which movie was the song Love is a battlefield by Pat Benatar played and often quoted?

It was the theme song to "The Legend of Billie Jean" in 1985.Also, not the "theme song" but it was in 13 going on 30 and Jennifer Gardner's character did quote the lyrics in the slumber party scene (I think that's the right scene)***************************I'm not sure which movie used the lyric quotes. The first movie it was in was called "Heartbreakers"The first movie anyone actually watched that included the song was "Small Soldiers"I do believe it was quoted in a recent "ER" episode.Note: it was not the theme song to "The Legend of Billie Jean." It wasn't even featured in that film. That film's theme song--indeed by Pat Benetar--was "Invincible."The Googles is a wonderful invention.All movies with Pat Benatar:

Who sang the title song in Somewhere In Time?

pat castillo

Which Project Pat song contains whistling?

Cracka Head

Who sang the theme song to TV's The Osbournes?

pat Boone

Who sings the song love is a battlefield?

Pat Benatar-1983

What is the tone in same song by pat mora?

sad unhappy

Who originally sang quando quando quando?

Originally "Quando Quando Quando" was an Italian song, recorded by Tony Renis and lyrics by Alberto Testo. Pat Boone, later on the same year, was cited as the one who had put the English lyrics to it but other sources, including the Songwriters Hall of Fame, name the songwriger Ervin Drake as the lyrcist in English. The song had originally participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. Other notably interpretors, were Engelbert Humperdinck and Michael Buble.

What is the song played after the Texas Rangers win a game?

That's Pat Green's song "I Like Texas".

What female artist sings that song love is a battlefield?

Pat benatar

Who sings the song on the new iPod touch commercial?

Pat Benetar

Which Pat benatar song that ends in -of gold?

Heart of Gold

Who wrote the song Julia performed by Eric church?

Pat McLaughlin