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What are the main arts in Italy?

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pizzas an vespas

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What are Mexico's main arts?

what are mexicos main arts

What are the main arts in England?

Same as the main arts in the US, for instance.

What are the main arts in Asia?

the main arts are as follows; music, dance, religion, architecture.

In Renaissance Italy the and supported the arts?


What are the main towns in north Italy?

what are the main towns in Italy

What is the main ethnicity of Pisa Italy?

The main ethnicity of Italy is Italian.

What are the main landform regions of Italy?

the Hungary plains and the alps are the main landforms in Italy

What are the 2 main islands of Italy?

The 2 main islands of Italy are Sicily and Sardinia

What is the main religion in Turin Italy?

The main religoin in Italy, including Turin, is Catholicism.

What Family served the great patrons of the arts in Italy?


How did the growth of trade affect the arts in Italy?

The arts grew because people had more money to become patrons.

What are 2 reasons why the Renaissance began in Italy?

The Renaissance began in Italy because Ancient Rome was in Italy. Italians found the work of Roman arts.

What are one of the main rivers in Italy?

the river Po is one of the main rivers near Venice Italy

What three main religions does Italy have?

Italy only has one main religion, this being Roman Catholicism.

What were the main features of greek arts of the golden age?

The main features of Greeks arts in the golden age were based on architecture, paintings, and sculptures.

What are the Main Crops Grown in Italy?

The main crops grown in Italy are rice, corn and tomatoes. These are the crops which are also exported by Italy to other countries.

What are the main languages in Italy?

The main language is Italian.

What was the 3 main city states of Italy?

Florence, Venice, and Milan were the three main city-states of Italy.

What is the official religion of Italy?

There is no official religion in Italy. The main religion of Italy is Roman Catholicism

Is there a main religion in Italy?

The predominant religion of Italy is Roman Catholicism.

What is the main money used in Italy?

what is the name of money Italy usa

What does the Italy flags colors mean?

what does the colours on the Italy flag main.

What is the main religion of Italy?

The main religion is Roman Catholic.

What is the main religion in Italy today?

According to the CIA World Factbook, 90% of the Italian population is Roman Catholic. This means the main religion of Italy is Christianity.Roman Catholicism.The main religion in Italy is Roman Catholic.

What is the main Industry in Italy?