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republicans come from a tradition which up to recent times advocated a military and political solution. nationalists favour the political method only. both aspire to a united Ireland. republicans would also be more radical in economic theory etc than most nationalists. in present terms the differences are largely historical and social.

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Q: What are the main differences between the beliefs of republicans and nationalists?
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What were the key differences in beliefs between the federalists and democratic republicans?

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Spanish Civil War between?

the war was between the Republicans and the nationalists

What parties were involved in the spanish revolution?

The Spanish Revolution was fought between the Republicans and the Nationalists.

Who was the Spanish Civil War fought between on July 17 1936?

The fascist Nationalists and the socialist Republicans.

Why did the Spanish Civil War start?

It started on July 1936 between Republicans and Nationalists and ended in 1939.

What are the main differences between the beliefs of the Republicans-Nationalists and the Loyalists-Unionists?

Mainly the Republicans/Nationalists want a united Ireland of the complete 32 counties, controlled in Ireland and full recognition of this. The Loyalists/Unionists want the 6 counties composing Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom controlled by Britain. This isn't by a far stretch much detail but it's the main difference that comes to mind if you were to ask an Irish person. I agree entirely with Brian's answer, above. a general rule of thumb,99% of Nationalists are of Catholic background, while 99% of Unionists are of Protestant background.(What the technical differences are between these two theologies are, you'll have two ask someone who cares). A further angle on the differences may be argued that the Nationalists are holding an argument based on civil liberty and self determination, while the Unionists are anti Catholic. But you'll never get agreement on this one...far too biased.

Why was the Good Friday agreement so important?

Because it was the beginning of the peace between the Republicans/Nationalists and Loyalists/Unionists.

What are the differences between buddhists and Sikhs beliefs?

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What were some of the differences between the federalists and the democratic republicans?

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What is the differences between federalists and republicans?

The main difference between federalists and republicans is that federalists believe all power should reside in the government, while republicans believe that power should reside in the people.

What are the differences between Hindu and Christian beliefs?

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The differences between federalists and democratic republicans?

there is a variety of them, check ur socail sudies book. :)

What are the differences and similarties between democrats and republicans?

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Who was the Spanish Civil War between?

Spanish Civil WarIt was between the Popular Front and the Nationalists. The republicans, who were in power at the time, retaliated to a military uprising in 1936, which started the war. The Nationalists then sided with the Army. The Nationalists and the Popular Front were both coalitions of different political groups who sided with either the left or right wings for a beneficial outcome should they win the war. The republicans were the most powerful group in the Popular Front as they were communist and so received aid from the USSR. the Nationalists were also a coalition as they were fascist, they received a lot of help from Hitler ans Mussolini (or Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy).

Differences between republicans and federalists?

The Federalists wanted a strong federal government JamesMarshall facebook mehh

Who was the Spanish Civil War fought between?

The Republicans (who included the Marxists) and the Nationalists (Falangists, or Fascists). The Nationalists under Francisco Franco won the war, with military aid from Italy and Nazi Germany, including German pilots flying the latest German aircraft.

Similarities and differences between democrats and republicans?

Democrats are usually considered to the left of Republicans, although this generally only comes down to a difference in rhetoric. Generally, there is not much difference between the two parties in practice.

What were the key differences between the Radical Republicans and President Andrew Johnson over Reconstruction?

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What are some differences between beliefs and practices of Hinduism and Buddhism?

Here is a great chart showing the differences between Hinduism and Buddhism:

Which topic is suitable for a comparison-and-contrast essay?

Similarities and differences between Republicans and Democrats. Or maybe you could write about similarities and differences between society in America vs society in the Middle East.

What are the major differences between the democratic and Republican Party?

Democrats believe government is the solution. Republicans believe government is the problem.

What are the main differences between scientific beliefs and religious beliefs?

Scientific beliefs are not actually beliefs, but are facts. Things, stories told but never proven to be true. Religious beliefs are beliefs taught, not seen or proven but knowing and having faith in their existence.

What is difference between Jesuit and other Catholic beliefs?

There shouldn't be any differences, as Jesuits are Catholics.

5The Spanish Civil War which began July 17 of 1936 was fought between?

The Spanish Civil War was fought between the Nationalists (Spanish fascists backed by Italy and Germany) and the Loyalists (aka the Republicans, Spanish Communists backed by the USSR). The Nationalists won, and their leader Francisco Franco remained dictator of Spain until his death in the 1970's.

Who did Spain fight with in World War 2?

Immediately before WWII, Spain was in the throes of civil war between Franco's Nationalists & the Republican (Communist) forces. Nazi Germany sent war materials to The Nationalists, while Stalin supported the Republicans. With the Nationalists being the victors, Franco resisted any & all involvement with The Axis or the Allied Powers. In short, Spain remained neutral.