What are the main habitats of the main dolphin?

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they go sleep, they eat all day and play.
some might look for other people to eat.
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What is the main habitat of a seahorse?

Seahorses are a kind of fish (Hippocampus) that likes shallow tropical and temperate waters all over the world. They don't swim well, so they like living in sheltered areas with lots of seaweed and grasses. They also like coral reefs and mangroves.. They can change their colors to blend in or to at ( Full Answer )

What is Maine?

Maine is a state in the United States of America.. It was adopted on March 15, 1820.. It's nickname is The Pine Tree State.. It's capital is Augusta.. It's state motto is "I Lead".. It's state bird, tree, and flower is: The Black - Capped Chickadee, The Eastern White Pine, The White Pinecone an ( Full Answer )

How is a Bottlenose Dolphin adapted to its habitat?

dolphins suit there habitat because they can swim fast and theyhave the blubber to help them live underwater Bottlenose dolphins are the most well known because they are theones most commonly used in films and marine life acts. Some oftheir adaptations include echolocation for finding food andnaviga ( Full Answer )

What is a habitat of a dolphin?

Dolphins always live in WARM environment so that their skin doesn'tget cold. They always live in water of course. Dolphin's live inthe ocean and some certain rivers.

Main habitats of Texas?

For people, its the town and cities, for cows and most wildlife it is the rangeland.

Bottle nose dolphins habitat?

Dolphins are marine mammals that are closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost forty species of dolphin in seventeen genera. They are found worldwide, mostly in the shallower seas of the continental shelves, and are carnivores, mostly eating fish and squid. Dolphins are social, livi ( Full Answer )

What is the main cause of habitat destruction?

The activity of humans is the primary cause of habitat destruction. Farming and logging are two of the activities that cause the most damage, urbanization is another problem.

Where is a horses main habitat?

if it's domestic the pasture. if it's wild and in the U.S. I'd say the mountains, but they move around a lot.

How do dolphins adapt to their habitats?

Dolphins adapt to their habitat by having small efficient lungs andbeing able to take in oxygen through their blow hole. They haveblubber to keep them warm, can communicate with each other, andhave smooth skin for faster movement in the water.

What is the pink dolphins habitat?

Habitat . River dolphins inhabit the drainage areas of the largest rivers in the world, mainly in developing. countries. The pink river dolphin is widely distributed in the Amazon and Orinoco basins, in. Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. Currently, two species are recognised, Inia . ( Full Answer )

What is the main habitat for arachnids?

There are so many:. borrows(trapdoor spider). dry areas(wolf spider). wet areas(tarantula). trees(grey jumping spider). leaves,undergrowth,fruit,vegitables,flowers(cabbage spider, garden spider etc.)

Where is Maine?

Maine is located in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, New Hampshire to the southwest, the Canadian provinces of Quebec to the northwest and New Brunswick to the northeast. Maine is the northernmost portion of New Engla ( Full Answer )

What the habitat of the Antarctic Dolphin?

There is no Antarctic Dolphin. However, The hourglass dolphin Lagenorhynchus cruciger doesoccupy the Southern Ocean, and is rarely seen. The Southern Oceanis the most protein-rich ocean on earth, providing in its shortfood chain sufficient protein for all the animals live in thesewaters.

What is MAIN?

there r 2 types of main: city ans the main idea. it's something u knw that sticks out the idea of a plot

Tell you about a dolphins habitat?

\ni need to know more about dolphins but i cant find any they are hard to figure out and i don't have enough information

What is there to do in Maine?

There are many things to do and see in Maine. You can shop, swim, sightsee, hike, pick wild blueberries, and, if you're in Southern Maine, you can go to an amusement park called Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.

What is the main threat to Dolphins?

the biggest threat dolphins are tuna nets that dolphins are gettting caught in fishing nets when catching fish such as tuna

What are the main features or characteristics does a rabbit have and how has it adapted to the Australian habitat?

The rabbit breeds quickly and easily. Compared to other continents, Australia has very few predators. As a result, the rabbits were free to breed ... and keep on breeding, with little external threat to their survival. Whilst the vegetation was different to what they were used to, it obviously prove ( Full Answer )

What was the main habitat of polar bear?

The polar bear is found in the Arctic Circle and the nearby islands. They can be found in good numbers in Alaska, Norway, Denmark, Russia and Canada. There are smaller populations in the surrounding regions near the Arctic pole. They prefer the Cold Icy areas of the Arctic and thrive in areas where ( Full Answer )

How does a dolphin survive in its habitat?

A dolphin is able to survive in its habitat using the uniqueadaptations that it has. Some of them include the bottleneck nose,the smooth contours of the body and the blow hole for respirationamong others.

Where are blue whales main habitat?

Blue Whales can be found in almost every sea and ocean in the world. They were the most widely spread whale species until Man started hunting them down. They were once in numbers of around 200,000 or more and now there are only 20,000 or so animals left in the wild. They can be found in areas that ( Full Answer )

What are the main causes of Habitat Destruction?

the main causes of habitat destruction are logging, overfishing, hunting and clearing areas. there are a lot more than this but it is hard to say all of them so those are the major ones.

What are the main threats to the ocean survival or habitat?

As oil spills and destruction of animal life andconstant fishing ruining the natural food source of most animal and hunting that goes on for no reason more and more animal life will go extinct and then soon many wonderful things will start to vanish only leaving the memory of their existence behind

What is the main habitat of an insecta?

Insectas are forest-dwelling creatures, similar to Hobbits. Wander through your local wildlife strip and watch for movement in the bushes. If you are not attacked by a ferocious organism, search for burrows which are 30-35cm across and 10-15 cm tall at the base of trees. The burrows may be covered w ( Full Answer )

What is the main part of a Bottlenose Dolphins life?

A bottlenose dolphin has the same purpose in life that every life form does; to eat, grow, and reproduce. From microbe to man, from aardvark to zebra, life is about living and reproducing. That's how we DEFINE life. It consumes energy and reproduces. For a bottlenose dolphin, its purpose in life ( Full Answer )

What is a Maine Coon's Habitat?

Maine Coons originally come from Maine (United States) and are a long-haired breed of cat adapted to a colder climate. They have long hair to protect them from the cold, and fluff between their toes and under their feet to prevent them from getting stuck to snow or ice. Maine Coons have adapted t ( Full Answer )

What are ten main events in the book Island of the Blue Dolphins?

People come to the island. . Islanders leave. . Boy gets left behind. . Sister comes to save him. . Siblings stuck on island. . Boy gets killed. . Girl attempts to kill dogs that killed her brother. . Girl learns to live on the island. . Years pass. . People come back to the island for her. ( Full Answer )

What are the 9 main body parts of a dolphin?

The 2 Flukes (the tails), The Dorsal fin, The rectoral fins, the Blowhole, the sonar, the teeth and the eye sight but i dont know the 9th sorry.

What is the main habitat for tigers?

No such thing. In South and South-East Asia, tigers inhabit tall riverine grasslands, forest and grassland mosaics, and all types of tropical and subtropical forests (dry deciduous, dry evergreen, moist evergreen, moist deciduous, bamboo, mangrove). In the Russian Far East, their main habitat is tem ( Full Answer )

What are somethings in a a dolphins habitat?

A dolphins habitat consists of: prey - which they obtain in a number of interesting ways (fish). Predators - sharks natural parasites infectious bacteria that cause zoonotic disease In the U.S PCBs (Polycarbonated Biphenyl) Pollution that can weaken dolphin immune system and lead t o immunosuppress ( Full Answer )

What are the main kinds of animal habitats in nc?

Hey, uhhh......I dont know. Sorry teacher I didnt do my homework last night. I went home to whatch cheaters on Tru T.V. I know Im in kindergarten and all but hey... its a good show. Ask me that again tommarow. K?

What are weasels main habitats?

weasels live in marshes, woodsy places, farmlands, and places where they can find a lot of food to keep them fed! OK, case closed next!

What are horses main habitat?

The main habitat for horses is in ranches in Galveston County, Texas and some woods in some countries.

What the habitat of the dolphin?

the habitats of a cilean (cilly-an) dolphin also known as the black dolphin . it is a small dolphin which lives off the coast of chile and it is the only place in the world where it could be found. c:

Where are dolphins habitat in Georgia?

Dolphins range up and down the Atlantic coastline. At times they will venture a short distance of rivers that feed into the ocean in search of food, but generally keep to the deeper ocean waters.

Do dolphins have a loss of habitat?

No, dolphins do not generally experience habitat loss, but rather habitat invasion. There are massive islands of floating garbage in the ocean that slowly build up with currents, and fishing boats can often steal a dolphin's food. While this is not exactly loss of habitat, it can force dolphins to r ( Full Answer )

What is the dolphins habitat and why does it live there?

The whales habitat is usually in the very bottom of the ocean. Why is because the whales need to stay away from their predators . Such as fishermen cuz they want to capture them .whales don't want to be captured.

What habitat does vaquita dolphins live in?

From Wikipedia: The habitat of the vaquita is thought to be restricted to the northern area of the Gulf of California. The vaquita lives in shallow, murky lagoons along the shoreline and is rarely seen in water much deeper than 30 meters; indeed, it can survive in lagoons so shallow that its bac ( Full Answer )