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What are the main ingredients of humalog insulin?

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Active ingredient: insulin lispro. Inactive ingredients: glycerin, dibasic sodium phosphate, metacresol, zinc oxide (zinc ion), trace amounts of phenol and water for injection.

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Is humalog long lasting insulin?

No, humalog is quick-acting insulin that tends to finish its job after about two hours.

Is humalog insulin cloudy?

No it's not! It is clear. If it is cloudy discard it straight away.

Are insulin pens covered with anthem blue cross insurance?

anthem blue cross cover lantus insulin and Humalog insulin for type 1 diabetics

How many units of insulin are in a normal vial?

Generally 1000 units. This goes for humalog and lantus.

What are the different types of insulin currently available for diabetes patients?

the insulins available are...... Monotard, Glargin and Humalog

If blood sugar is 575 what type of insulin should one take?

Rapid acting, Novolog/Humalog/Apidra

What is a fatal dose of insulin?

I am a diabetic type 2 sufferer for over 40 years. My estimate of a fatal dose for someone like me, who has a certain resistance to insulin would be about 300 units of Humalog. Problem is, how do I prevent going hypoglycaemic before I finish injecting up to 3 pens of Humalog?(300 units).

Different Insulin Formulations?

Insulin comes in short-acting, long-acting and mixed formulations. Humalog is a rapid-acting insulin meant to cover a meal being eaten. Lantus is a long-acting insulin intended to provide coverage throughout the day.

What is Nick Jonas taking for his diabetes?

He is on the Omnipod and checks his blood sugar with the Contour Meter from Bayer. In a article it says the insulin he takes is either Novolog or Humalog

Do any of insulin ingredients come from the pig?


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How do you treat or cure diabetes?

There is no cure for Diabetes yet. However, diabetes can be treated. There are a couple different ways to treat diabetes, but the most common way is to count out your insulin-to-carb ratio, and inject yourself with the proper amount of lantus and humalog or novolog (insulin). Ask your local endocrinologist for how to specifically treat diabetes and how to count out your personal insulin-to-carb ratio.

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Is there animal protein in humalog?

yes there is fat!

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What are the treatments for diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes. It really depends which one you are talking about. There are currently no cures for either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, but there are treatment options.Type one diabetes is treated by giving yourself insulin shots. In type one diabetics, their pancreas is not functioning at all, thus the hormones insuling and glucagon are not in effect. When you eat carbohydrates, the body balances that out by creating insulin. When you exercise a lot, your body needs glucose, which is what glucagon is.However, type 1 diabetics need to find a way to get their supply of insulin and glucose. Insulin shots are the most common method of introducing insulin to the body. There are two main types of insulin: humalog and lantus. Humalog is a quick-acting insulin that acts within 1-2 hours of the injection. This is used to coutneract daily snacks and meals, as you never know when or how much you are going to eat. Lantus is a long-acting insulin that helps to balance the humalog amount. Usually, either one dose is given in the morning or two doses are given at the morning and at night. This allows the level of humalog you give yourself to be much lower.That is just how to control the consumption of glucose. To control the effect of exercise, glucose is needed to give your body fuel. This can be done by simply eating anything with carbohydrates. Some foods are more quick-acting than others. For instance, most juices (orange juice, capri sun's, apple juice, etc.) along with fruits are quick acting, while other carbohydrates typically found as main meals (potatoes, pasta, bread, etc.) are slower acting.For type two diabetes, you need to control your weight and blood pressure along with your insulin levels. Most people can control type two diabetes by exercising daily and at the same time and by dieting (controlling glucose levels).

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What are the main ingredients in diabetic recipes?

Diabetes effects millions of people around the world. The important thing to remember in a diabetic recipe is to keep sugars and carbohydrates low. These things will effect insulin levels.