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What are the main jobs in Africa?

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What kinds of jobs do they have in Africa?

There isn't a wide variety of jobs in Africa, but it depends on what part of Africa your in. If your talking about rural parts of Africa then the main job there is farming, and selling or trading items at local bazarrs.

What are some jobs in Africa?

Jobs in Africa are similar to jobs around the world. Many countries in Africa have engineers, doctors, plumbers and teachers.

What is local professionals and jobs Africa?

KreekAfrica - We have created a platform for local professionals and jobs in Africa. KreekAfrica is the best platform for local job postings and local jobs hiring in Africa.

What were common jobs in west Africa?

Common jobs in west Africa include farming or a religeous position

What are the main jobs in Texas?

the main jobs in texass is the rodeo inc

What are the main jobs of Japan?

The main jobs are sock-making and magazine-making.

What are the three main jobs in japan?

the 3 main jobs r just shytt

What are the two main jobs of a plant?

The two main jobs of a plant are to grow and reproduce.

What are the main jobs in Russia?

The main jobs in Russia today are in manufacturing, retail, and transportation. There are also many jobs in export and government.

What are the main deserts in Africa?

There are many deserts in Africa but the Sahara (north Africa), the Kalahari (Southern Africa) and the Namib (South West Africa) deserts are the main deserts.

What are some main jobs in Arizona?

Some main jobs are growing crops, electronics, and printing.

What are the main jobs for the spleen?

the main jobs of the spleen are to filter out and dispose of dead cells and microbes

Were there ancient African jobs?

Yes,there are many jobs at the time of ancient Africa

What is the main industry of South Africa?

South Africa is the south-most country on the continent of Africa. The main industry in South Africa is the industry of mining.

What are the four main geographic zones in Africa?

What are the four main geographic zones of Africa?

What are the main imports and exports of Africa?

The main exports of Africa are minerals including diamonds. The main imports of Africa include chemicals, food items, and scientific instruments.

What are the 4 main jobs of the skeletal system?

What are the 4 main jobs of the skeletal system

What were the main jobs of early government?

The main jobs of the early government were creating order and providing leadership.

Jobs in Africa?

keeping the family together

What jobs are common in mali Africa?


What are some jobs that people do in Africa?


Does Africa have office jobs?

very few.

Can Indian chartered accountants get jobs in South Africa?

As per my experience Indian Chartered Accountant can get jobs in South Africa but as an accountant and if they have valid Workpermit

What are the four main regions in Africa?

North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa

What is the main capital city South Africa?

The main capital city of South Africa is Pretoria.

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