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The GMC Savana is a full-size van manufactured by General Motors from 1996 to the present. In the United States, the GMC Savana and the Chevrolet Express currently hold 44.8% of the full-size van market.

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How do you set the clock on a 2003 GMC Envoy?

Under the tune dial on the radio head unit, there should be 2 little round buttons. One is for the hour, and the other for the minutes. Hold each one in until you get the desired time set. That's all there is to it, assuming you have the Bose head unit.

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How do you replace the water pump on a 1997 GMC Savana?

Take out the fan cover, then remove fan, then the hoses, then the water pump. you can do everything from the top.

Fuel Filters
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Where is the fuel filter located on a 2000 GMC Savana?

On my 2002 it is mounted just in front of the fuel tank.

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How do you get the gas out of the tank before dropping?

I would wait until you had less than half a tank let in the car. Then jack the car up and properly support it on some jack stands. I would use the rear cross member near the gas tank to do this. Places the stands as far out as possible to aviod beening able to rock the car too much. Then locate the rubber fuel line entering the gas tank. It will probably be a 2" pipe. Remove the hose clamp using either a 5/32" or a screw driver. Revove more gas using a hose into an approved container. If you are going to take the tank off I would suggest puting the jack under the gas tank. Put just enough pressure tso you know it is on the gas tank. Then loosen the bolts on the gas tank restaning straps. When the bolts are out, and mind you that your car is an 89 and this has never been done so the bolts may come off hard. Remove the straps and lower the jack slowly to aviod dropping the gas tank.


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How do you remove interior door panels on 2007 GMC Savana Cargo Van?

if its the black guards on the rear doors or the side sliding door or barn doors, you just pull them off. they make a loud snapping noise and need to be pulled w/ some force sometimes. start in one corner and pull or push until you get 1 of snaps out then when you have some leverage you can usually pull the rest of it off. then they snap back into the square holes when you want to put them back in.

Brake Pads and Rotors
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Does the larger brake pad go on the rear or the front of the rear brakes of a 2002?

Large goes twoard front, shorter to rear.

WRONG! the smaller shoe faces toward the front of the van.

if one shoe is shorter then the other, the shorter shoe ALWAYS faces toward the front of the vehicle. this is called servo style brakes, if the the shoes are the same length then it dose not matter witch one faces forward, this is called non-servo style brakes. but in this case GM uses servo style brakes so the smaller shoe faces the front.

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How do you time a Gm 305 vortec?

You have to use a scan tool and set it plus or minus 2 degrees of 0

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Why American likes General motor?

because American cars are cheaper, easier to fix, parts are cheaper and fuels our economy, but the import cars do last long depending on which manufactuer shared secrets with each other, youll find alot of American cars and truck lasting longer because there sharing information and tech with japenese companys

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You replaced cap and rotor on 97 5.7L vortec and now its missing anyone with correct firing order diagram of wires to cap?

I think the firing order is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 on the Chevy 350 it has been on all the trucks and cars I've ever dealt with in the 350 from 1984 thru 1999 but if you want to be absolutly certain you can buy a haynes manual for your particular vehicle at you local autoparts store.

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03 gmc savana van fuse box?

There are two of them, one under the drivers seat and the other under the hood, drivers side, down about 8 inches or so. It looks like a rectangular plastic black back with annoying plastic clips holding the lid on.

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Where is the brake relay on the Chevy Express van?

Where is the left rear brake and turn signal relay located on a 2010 Chevy express van. V-6

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Where is the Fuel pump Relay Switch reset button located on a 1995 Buick Skylark?

It is located on the passenger side firewall. It is the center of the three relays behind the strut tower.

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What is difference between gmc savana 2500 and 3500 specific in parts or construction of car you you know about payload but what parts are exactly different?

the suspension and axle size

Air Conditioning and Coolant
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What do you do when your air coditioner compressor is froze up?

If it was set so that it runs without shutting down and the temperature has dropped such as at night. Than it may just need time to thaw. The coil inside the unit in the house will be frozen, so set the fan to on to speed up the thawing. Also you should check the inside coil for clogging or restricted air flow. Restricted air flow can cause this problem. The coil may not look that dirty when you look in at it, so get a flashlight and take a close look. If you do some cleaning, be carful not to bend the fins. Also change the filter if it is dirty. This may save you a service call, but it may be something more than what the home owner can do.

Transmission Fluid
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How do you change the transmission fluid on a 5.7L vortec 2500 Where is the drain plug and how do you fill?

there is no drain plug for the tranny, and you will you have to fill your tranny through your dip stick. but you will have to drop the pan down in order to change the fluid and you will have to replace your seal and might as well replace your filter it cost most the time under 20 dollars at a auto parts store and it will take between three and five quarts to Finn your pan back up. there should be on most tourq converters a drain plug, but that is accessable through your dust cover, that can hold about seven quarts. but other then that you just have to tighten the pan bolts back to spec. you should be able to ask a person at the dealership for the specs.

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What causes hard shifting if not mechanical Low tranny fluid or old fluid?

change your tranny pan trans filter its easy just ake sure totorc your bolts could be drive line or rear end too

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Where is the PVC valve on a 2000 GMC Savana?

What motor is in your van????????? Most GM products of this year in full size, the PCV should be located in the left hand rocker cover

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Where is the thermostat located on a 2005 GMC savanna?

Usually in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose

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How can you find out who privious car owners were?

Go to carfax and get a report

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Where is the radiator drain cock on a 1999 GMC Savana van?

Check on the bottom of the rad, it should look like a winged nut.

my 2000 GMC Savana 2500 5.7L doesn't have one .

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How do you remove window crank drivers door 1999 savana 3500?

Take off your door panel and there is four bolts i believe remove them and it come s off pretty easy.

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Is there an access door for the fuel pump on a 98 gmc savana?

Everything I have read indicates that there is no access, and you must drop the tank to R&R the fuel pump.

Brake Pads and Rotors
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How do you remove the rear brake drum on an 1997 GMC Suburban?

Remove the center lug nut cover using a screwdriver, loosen all lugnuts, (JUST LOOSEN< DO NOT REMOVE)jack up the rear wheels, put a set of jack stands under the rear axle, remove the lugnuts and remove rear tire and rim, make sure your parking brake is off, then pull the brake ddrum towqard you. If it sticks, try tapping it with a wooden mallet, or rocking the drum to the right and left , it shoudl pull straight off towards you. Remember to make sure you do NOT HAVE THE PARKING BRAKE ON.

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On a 1997 gmc savana van why does the FM on the radio not work but the am does work?

Maybe its because the antanae wire has been some how disconnected. its the thick black cable plugs into the back of the radio and it comes directly from the antanae or the antanae could be damaged.

Oxygen Sensors
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How long to change o2 sensor on a 2005 gmc savana 2500?

If you have it on hand, less than 1/2 hour. Take the connector off, replace it by unscrewing it and reconnect it.


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